I Feel Pretty – Movie Review

I Feel Pretty – Movie Review

An Amy Schumer movie where A bump on the head makes a lady view herself as an “idealistic” version of herself. Here’s my review of I FEEL PRETTY!

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Giani Popescu says:

You're a fucking shill, Jeremy jahns! How much they pay you to lick amy's fat pussy?

Kimberly Arellano says:

Am i the only one that doesn't care about her stand up comedy? Its a MOVIE review. She's an actually funny actress. So i dont see why the stand ups matter? People act like they've never done it once in their life time.

Dynamite May says:

Hey Jeremy, why didn't you watch pitch perfect 3?

Cole Schubert says:

the movie no one will see becuase infinty war will blow this movie out of the water

Χάος χαίνω says:

Great review bro. Thanks!

ellee1812 says:

Hi! Please watch and review Korean horror movie "gonjiam"

c0c0456 says:

I'm gonna try to watch this movie DRUNK, for science… 😄

Abbey Howe says:

I thought Amy was the best part of this movie! Renee had such a lovely character art and Amy played it so earnestly.

MasterCheesy says:

I was sooo excited to watch Black Panther back in February but the trailer for "I feel Pretty" before the movie ruined the night for me. Only one part of the trailer made me smirk, which was when Amy's characters hair got caught in the exercise bike. THAT WAS ALL I GOT AMUSED BY. THE REST OF THE TRAILER MADE ME CRINGE INTO AN OBLIVION.

coralo rodarte says:

50 first.dates

Abigail Villegas says:

Shallow Hal shouldn't be compared to this shit

Bluenuhvok765 says:

I was kind of hoping this would be a spinoff of that one musical. North Side Tale? East Coast Fiction? Eh, who knows.

Dakota Mew says:

My main problem with the movie is the concept of "she hits her head, then she sees this sudden change and she's beautiful now". It's a dillusion from a concussion, whereas with Shallow Hal (not the best movie) it was a guru who basically curses him to see what beauty lies within and not to exclusively focus on the physical aspect of people. I don't see the lesson in this other than "vanity is a dillusion, accidental or not".

Amoré says:

Fan of your work

Poisondime says:

Agreed: not too many laughs and too long. I should've waited for the DVD.

TBrusk Versace says:

Hitch is pretty heartfelt.

Key says:

How much you getting paid

Chuck says:

WTF you reviewing I feel pretty and no super troopers 2. This channel has strayed from it roots and gone to crap. This is why i unsub

Nate Saldutti says:

Yay. A chichflick. A modern chickflick. This aint gonna go well.

A Jonson says:

Wish you talk with your mouth open

ZXxsniperMsrXx says:

Never support a theif

James Oldfield says:

"You should just accept who you are."

So don't better yourself? If you're fat, don't lose weight and lose a limb to diabetes before dying of a heart attack? Got it.

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