Hush – Movie Review

Hush – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Hush, starring Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr., Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan, Emma Graves. Directed by Mike Flanagan.



Jake Torrance says:

Yeah what was with the lines etched into his crossbow? Was it how many people he'd killed?

Diozakrod91 says:

watched the review then immediately watched the movie.

loved it, but Chris, you did kinda majorly spoil one part of the movie. I love your reviews because you give a good sense of tone without giving anything away. you commented on a certain part of this film and expanded on the point to a level where something that was supposed to shock me left me going "oh yeah, well I know what happens here cause of stuckmanns review".

anyway, great film, and 99.99% of your reviews are perfect, but this one was a bummer.

084lyfe1 says:

wheres the hilerocity review!?

Zoltar Taris says:

WAIT UNTIL DARK! Literally my favorite film ever

Edgars Sprogis says:

You should review the 10 episode two season tv show called ''The Knick'' by Cinemax studios, same director as for Oceans 11/12/13. I think you'd like it Chriss, please thumbs up so Chriss can see, and check it out yourselves guys.

TheFriendlyStranger says:

I think a monthly review of a really good netflix movie would be something the majority would love to see.

Jason Stroppa says:

Why do you keep saying "perceived" disability? Being deaf is an ACTUAL disability. lol

shelby ladra says:

Chris just tell me please in the ending of the flick is their a jump scare I must know

Jimmy Olsson says:

Oh my god, you have a Joanna Dark figure? I didn't even know they existed, and I need one now!

Marc Pyskaty says:

Thanks for the recommendation I just watched it. I thought it was fantastic also.

Mihir Basrur says:

the jungle book is an amazing movie chris…..i think you will like it…….i was lucky that it released on the 8th where i live

Cran KaDub says:

I just watched the movie after seeing this review (great recommendation by the way) but I was just wondering what was etched into the guy's crossbow because I didn't notice anything written on it

Swapnil Jain says:

Mini spoiler~!!!

Killer is Jim Harper from The Newsroom..

TheHitherto says:

Just found out the sympathetic main character also played the evil mirror-spirit in Oculus!

I personally wouldn't give it A-, but it does creative things with its simple premise and it's never boring. Nice to see a bad-guy who's just a genuine scumbag and not someone who the director wanted to portray as "kewlish" or "badass".

MIke Flanagan's going to be a huge name if he keeps this up.

Isaac Fox says:

its a beautiful day
birds are singing
flowers are bloming

and kids like you should be WATCHING A MOVIE

Jacob Harris (k0mbine) says:

Hush spoilers below

I like how in the end of the movie, Maddie finally killed the psycho by taking away his sight (spraying wasp repellant in his eyes,) his hearing (blasting the smoke alarm,) and his voice (stabbing his larynx with a wine key.) It was pretty cool.

immortally insane says:

movie was ok. I did find the woman ( Maggie if i remember ) pretty fucking dumb at some points specially with the crossbow or trying to leave the house. she has access to TONS of weapons inside her house and she's doesn't even have half the brains to use any of them….they tried to make her look so smart but she's was dumb

Black Phillip says:

You should review the invitation. It's on VOD. It's so good

Just Some Guy says:

Well Chris, I just watched it an it is fantasic!

david mckesey says:

i didn't finish this review until i watched it on netflix. so good

Zen Razor says:

Just watched it, pretty good film honestly. Especially compared to other netflix films.

Moggleberries says:

Knowing my luck it won't be on Australian Netflix, since we get about 30% of what everyone else seems to.

EdgAre11ano says:

Ok, just watched most of the review. Went to Netflix. Watched the movie. Saw the reveal of the psycho. Who the hell is this actor? Is he supposed to mean anything to me? He's just some randy.
Still gripping movie though. You win this time Stuckmann =__=

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