“How to Lead a Life of Crime” | 60second Book Review

“How to Lead a Life of Crime” | 60second Book Review

“How to Lead a Life of Crime” by Kirsten Miller. Books for Teens: 60second Book Review by Jenny Sawyer. http://goo.gl/0Wi0
In “How to Lead a Life of Crime” by Kirsten Miller isn’t for the faint of stomach. There’s ruthless violence, both physical and psychological, and very little in the way of joy or hope.

That said, Kirsten Miller knows how to tell a story, and main character Flick has a clear voice, well-delineated goal, and daddy issues like you wouldn’t believe. When we first meet him, Flick is a gifted pickpocket, who is on the run from a sordid family history. Initially, he’s unimpressed when he’s approached by the diabolical Lucian Mandel, the mastermind behind the Mandel Academy, where psychopaths are trained to take over the world. Soon enough, though, Mandel has roped Flick in, with the promise of some serious dirt on daddy dearest…provided Flick makes it out of the Academy alive. But things at the Academy, are not what they seem, and soon Flick will face his greatest challenge yet: destroy, or be destroyed by, the only girl he’s ever loved.

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