How It Ends (Netflix) – Horror Movie Review

How It Ends (Netflix) – Horror Movie Review

How does it begin? How does it end? Is it worth the watch? Chauncey K. Robinson dives into just that with this latest movie review of “How It Ends” now streaming on NETFLIX! Let’s get creepy!

On The Bloody Breakdown Chauncey K. Robinson gets into the guts of horror with horror movie reviews and trailer reactions that explore what makes these films come ALIVE.



ash says:

The ending though 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Woog Daddy says:

I wanna know ! And loved yo broadcast everything was so right in it 😉

Woog Daddy says:

Fuck a no spoiler , ..I loved it got into it.. had a bunch of mixed emotions on all characters the scenes and almost everything but say I want yo opinion on Sam and Jeramiah 😂 , who the fuck ? Ain’t no way I slaved across the crazy ass ending world for 5 days to get with you and I wake up you not by my side but outside w/ the neighbor 🤪 lol I’m crazy llamf it’s wild tho

BAM Movie Reviews says:

Great review! Personally didn’t enjoy this movie a whole lot but I did enjoy hearing your thoughts on it! Keep it up!

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