Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – Movie Review

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – Movie Review

Hotel Transylvania is now a trilogy….which makes this the closest thing to The Dark Universe we’re likely to see. Here’s my review of the family animated comedy HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3!



Ben Casey says:

I actually really enjoyed the first film. The second film is basically this review so I feel like you didn't miss much Jeremy.

Paris Gul says:

getting The Strangers vibes from the Thumbnail

Replay Archive says:

Can we talk about how shitty that poster looks

Garbage Gang says:

Lol I legit thought you like this movie because of the thumbnail 😂

Jake Cruz says:

Review Uncle Drew

Roman Gerard says:

Feel like it just watched 4 minutes Robin Williams stand up RIP

Mind Øf Jedi says:

The captain being evil isn't a spoiler, it's in the trailer 🙁

TheManofDew says:

Say what you will, my kids love these monsters movies & Netflix cartoon so when this comes to DVD it will end up in our collection.

mindlesstube says:

I kinda like the idea of thumbnails revealing how people feel about the movie.

Nameless says:

Between Jeremy & Stuckmann i was wondering which 1 would try to trick us with the thumbnail first.
10 Points to HuffleJahns!

MRR D says:

I unironically love the last two films. They just have the kind of cartoon network charm you never see on the big screen. Not every animated movie has to be Oscar worthy even if the Oscars knows shit all about animation and doesn't care about it.

TheTedwms83 says:

I might, go see it, if i was drunk lol

Who Knew 22 says:

This series of films is going the same way as Ice Age films first one good idea next ones rinse and repeat lol

Jordan Cardona says:

One thing that you and Melon have taught me it's that if you end your video on a dope rhyme you're guaranteed at least 1 million subscribers

remizart says:

Thumbnail…very…wrong Jer!

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