Hotel Artemis – Movie Review

Hotel Artemis – Movie Review

In future L.A., there is a secret hotel (with a big neon sign) that patches up criminals if they are a member. Here’s my review of HOTEL ARTEMIS!



Rieenanieshaday says:

Kill bill is a bit 90’s, don’t you think?

kaibeyblade says:

I feel like The Raid should get credit for the popularity of hallway fights

Raghu Nema says:

Please do an Into the Spider-Verse and How to Train your Dragon 3 Trailer review!

Finally Rice says:

Review the trailer for the new Spider-Man movie!!!

Sterling Cox says:

he ain't the only one lol

txsportsfreak02 says:

favorite 90s cheesy action movie last action hero

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Instant thumbs down for the needless F bomb in your review.

Closely Distant says:

I know you're clearly trying to not over-sell it, but goddamn does this film sound awesome.

Alejandro Gaga says:


Mega MovieZ says:

Jeremy please review Hereditary. Also, I know it's late but review You Were Never Really Here which is one of the best films of the year. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Dawson Peter says:

You should do a review on Animal Kingdom

Top says:

Chris stuckkman

big B user says:

enjoying you're videos Jeremy! Could you do a video on HTTYD 3 trailer?

Jon Walsh says:

That joke about finding a movie made in the past on a shelf actually happened with Unforgiven. It sat on a shelf for like 17 years before being produced

Darth Sader says:

White House Down is one of those movies right, if so thats my pick.

RibottoStudio says:

Hey why did you delete your twitter? What happened?

Sentient Block says:

Fights in hallways are popular after daredevil season 1?have a talk with my nigga O L D B O Y here

Pure Pip says:

Hereditary pls

rage says:

"after daredevil" go watch Oldboy…

John Cole says:

Dredd 3D is a 90s beast even if Stallone Dredd is an early 90s beast.

Vissybabii says:

Favorite non-90's 90's action movie= Suicide Squad

Marcus Chang says:

I'm just anticipating his review of Hereditary. He's gonna have a LOOOOOT to say about that one.

VHStone says:

That DareDevil scene is a shameless rip-off (tribute maybe?) of that awesome Oldboy scene, the Corean Version of that movie, obviously.

Lazaro Torres says:

Jeremy, time to talk about that new Spiderman trailer

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