Horror Movie Review: The Vault (2017)

Horror Movie Review: The Vault (2017)

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Mohd Balushi says:

Please stop looking at the monitor. Look at the camera this small adjustment will make your review and especially you look nicer

Dani says:

Yeah I liked the idea too and I agree that the robbers were all over the place, especially when they were surrounded by the police. They were still idly walking in and out of the basement and didn't look freaked out enough. They didn't even look for the guy (the one who counted the hostages) although he's long been gone. All of a sudden they're running through the maze and stuff. Toward the end I wondered something then dismissed it because it would be too hilarious if it was true but of course it turned out to be the big reveal in the end lol.

David trueslayor says:

So you said you would of watched the whole thing if you knew that guy who did the signal did this movie- how much did you miss and are you sure you didn't miss why they were robbing this joint ? Do they atleast expound on why James Franco lets them in the safe and if he knows whos down there? Do they let you know whos down there ? Thanks David

Miz Efendy says:

Agreed on point review…was set up well and got me interested then went nowhere.

Mysterious Middle East says:

The film was ok for the first 2/3s. But the final act was a mess. The characters were all moving around the bank back and forth quickly, but I didn't know who was where most of time. Plus the last 10 seconds were such cliche with the monster making an appearance just before the credits. They should have cut that bit.

Overall it was a very original concept with a cool twist/reveal towards the end, but the story needed a lot, and I mean a lot of work.

No Star Reviews says:

Rookie mistake with letting their faces be shown

O' Blivion says:

The only person in this that I like is Taryn Manning from Orange is the new Black. So I may have to see this just for her.

Kat's Book End says:

I actually loved The Signal if I am thinking about The correct Signal. Were you referring to the one where people go kind of nuts? Anyway, this one doesn't sound like one I will see.

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