Horror Movie Review: Emelie (2015)

Horror Movie Review: Emelie (2015)

Totally recommend checking out Emelie (2015), truly a great film in my opinion! Have you seen it yet?

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sherbetthesquid says:

my name is emily

Alex A. says:

how does jacob know how to drive?

Poop Frogg says:

I was really disappointed with this movie. Thought there was no tension and wasn't nearly half as disturbing as it thought it was….shocking but not disturbing. Thought the story and her motives were incredibly weak, I hated the little girl, the older boy was annoying (the little boy was the best actor in the entire cast) I respect your opinion but for me….meh

Ladilyly says:

This movie was terrible..

Apollo DA says:

This movie has good ideas and themes but overall is garbage
The first scene is great, too bad it never gets topped

summer m says:

Watched it tonight, liked it up until the post credit scene. That bit let me down.
Not a babysitter per say..but a nanny…The Hand That Rocks The Cradle was really good.

Ustanik 100441 says:

I prefer paranormal movies,but this one is interesting and the most important-realistic. ☺

Leonardo Voss says:

Nothing against a serbian movie

Chris Rados says:

I worked on this film. The kids that were cast were some of the most talented young people I've ever worked with.

Dani says:

I watched if after checking out your review. I really enjoyed it! Thanks 🙂

Jack Ellis says:

Im really nervous to watch this movie it looks really creepy and disturbing

Lou Bloom says:

I really liked this movie, but I didn't care about the parents at all, so the dinner scenes dragged the movie a little bit for me. And I was wishing for a bleak ending, so I was disappointed with the happy ending.

Sarah Bolger's performance is outstanding, there are some very disturbing scenes with the kids (the tampon scene was creepy as fuck), good cinematography… 8/10

Chance Webster says:

are you Australian?

Austin-Anya says:

I loved it, the ending was oml. I wish they would make a sequel.

osbely says:

'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle'

dunhill1 says:

The rushed ended without closure kinda ruined the overall movie. A few major overlooked plot holes also hurt this movie. First, why didn't Jacob, the 11y boy ever dial 911? When Emelie dragged the battered up, but still alive Anna, outside, why didn't Jacob lock the door and then call 911? When Anna finally woke up, why wouldn't she run screaming to an neighbor's house or dial herself 911? These large logic mistakes. Also, if Emelie just wanted a child, why would she not simply go thru the adoption process? If not, why not kidnap a baby/infant that cannot rebel like a 4y boy? None of these things were addressed by the director.

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