#Horror (2015) Horror Movie Review

#Horror (2015) Horror Movie Review

Week after week, we try our best to cover the biggest releases in the industry in a way that serves as both promotion and education on the film. Then sometimes there’s a movie like #Horror – a film that is so void of substance that all we can do is make our best assumptions at what type of story was trying to be told.

It’s a tough gig, but somebody’s gotta do it.



roseia1 says:

This movie was garbage. A great thing to drink to, though.

Protecrion, Tundra Strategist says:

The transitions were so wtf i couldn't pay attention to the rest of the movie.

Lawrence Olais-Moreno says:

could you guys explain the eyes moving around in the pictures or that girl statue when the dad arrives in chews them out.

DixyCop says:

I like the movie, but with teawking and removeing the animations in it, would make it a better movie.

Almost Famous says:

Damn…. I said pound horror too 😭😭😭😭😭😭. I'm old af.

DarkKnightFanBoy says:

Just finished watching this film and wow!! the scene transitions were annoying and the girls were just horrible people, there is not one single likable person and I just wanted to see them all die. The director was so heavy handed in her messages, but they went absolutely no where and I never seen a movie try to be so artsy in my life. I love intelligent art films, symbolism and metaphors, but this was just so misguided and the attempts at commentary and symbolism failed miserably. This was a waste of time and I hope the director takes a step back and reevaluate before her next project!!

Hey It's Lily says:

Tbh I thought Sharp Horror not Hashtag Horror 😂

Joshua Wolfe says:

the house was so awesome though, easily the best part of the movie

1000angers says:

I thought pound horror too ha ha. I wasn't really interested in watching this one, now I'm really not going to check it out. .man I heard you guys talking about the Unkindness of Ravens on the podcast, I can't wait for that one been waiting for news update for a while. Did you guys watch the directors first film Lord Of Tears? Really cool film. Thanks for running the podcast and website, really fun stuff guysm/

animation movies says:

X3 :D.
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