Hersheys Kisses Movie Review aka Brown

Hersheys Kisses Movie Review aka Brown

Its Christmas time at Unboxed Watched and Reviewed. This week I received a present in the mail, that celebrates the true Essene of the homemade gift and the power it can can have over someone. Especially when that “homemade gift” is delivered directly into the recipients mouth! Happy Holidays!!
Note: Please check out Johnny Hellion on facebook, and buy some of his horror/cult movie themed art!!



Clinton Kinsey says:

send me a copy of Hersey Kisses haha I wanna see if I can get through it. I'll pay

SirChubbyBunny says:

I'm curious to know if you know what year this came out, since, given how weird Christopher Rage's IMDb page is, this is nowhere to be found. I only ask because MDPOPE 1 & 2 had active IMDb pages for months before having the plug pulled, as well as the other weird porn titles that's up.

Samuel Ward says:

I couldn't watch this movie, man… It's pure fucking nightmare fuel… I can't believe you made it through dude… Congrats i guess haha! 🙂 Love you. At least your torture made some of the best comedy I've literally ever seen on this platform! 😀

マリオ 94 says:

Rage is a creepy motherfucker in that "yeah ask him" creepy bastard and to think that's the same guy in "street kids" singing and behaving human like.

Save The Gregory Horror Show says:

Tanner I actually watched your videos SO MANY TIMES that I now listen to them to help me concentrate on my tracing. No joke haha

nerdcity says:

A++ love the reactions and the fake commercials and the barf of course

Anthony Pabon says:

great endorsement for protein bars

Anthony Pabon says:

I'm really trying to get these homemade films let me know how I can get them you rock

rabid rabbitshuggers says:

What better way to celebrate the holidays than POOP

Tish Foreman says:

I somehow tracked down this video online, I gave up really quickly, it was just too much for me. Morbidy curiosity really fucks me over sometimes.

GrindReview's says:

best channel

Joey Scarberry says:

You are my favorite youtube guy. I love disturbing movies and you tell me of some I don't know and talk about some I didn't think anyone else would know. This one I have not seen.

Matthew Wheeler says:

I love everything about this video except the movie of course! Great work!

Waugh and Coker Plugged In Reviews says:

I really need to see these hershey kisses movies for my channel!! great channel by the way. do you know where you can get these dvds? cant seem to find them anywhere online.

BaronMyndsNastyFinds says:

I will find this… somewhere!

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