HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – Scariest movie ever?

HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – Scariest movie ever?

HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – Scariest movie ever? – The Double Toasted podcast review a new horror movie today with a lot of buzz. “Scariest movie ever”, is the word going around for this movie called Hereditary. In this funny movie review, we have a Hereditary clip to show you, along with the Hereditary trailer and we give our review and thoughts on this movie. Is it the scariest movie ever? Or is It just another movie with a lot of hype from the Sundance crowd? Find out in this funny video. Let us know your thoughts on the movie down below if you’ve seen it. And, if you’re one of these people freaked out after watching this movie, then just get yourself some DT merch, guaranteed to make you feel safe in your bed at night!

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kenneth minear says:

you guys are still funny keep it up!

kenneth minear says:

ending to this was such a letdown a big buildup to nothing.

Hallie Balloon says:

So its like that Atlanta Teddy Perkins episode

Liz B says:

I like and appreciate your review even though I disagree with most of it, lol. I watch a lot of horror movies and this is honestly the scariest movie I've ever seen. Fear is subjective. A lot of people are terrified by The Babadook and The Conjuring (as examples), and while I like both of those movies, I don't find them very scary. The monsters/demons in those movies are kind of corny to me when they're shown, and I never really get immersed in the story because I don't believe it. Hereditary on the other hand feels more real to me. So when shit gets really wild and crazy in the final act, I'm so immersed in the story and feel so connected to the characters that somehow it feels believable to me and that is bone chilling.

Crosshair250 says:

So glad I'm not the only one who didn't think Hereditary wasn't scary. Still enjoyed most of the movie, but not horrifying.

one three says:

did you guys do any research to see what that ending means ?? how it ties in to everything going on ?? im pretty sure you didn't. so lots of things you're speaking of have actual answers too. glad u guys enjoyed the art house approach, but you gotta understand the deeper meanings to make an actual logical review. smh

Capronice says:

These guys just like to hear themselves talk.

jace engelmann says:

The daughter was in a special needs classroom at school

SpideySensei72 says:

Just got back from a matinee viewing and this channel is the ONLY one I've seen give this an honest review. It was utter trash. Had some disturbing special effects but nothing actually scary. Nothing in the film made sense. The brother decapitated his sister, drove home and just went to bed? Seriously?

LacklusterTV says:

That's just her face, guys. lol

RedJester68 says:

The girl was in a special ed. classroom. If you look during one shot when she's in class, you can see a few children with Down's syndrome sitting near her.

Deony Jonsen says:

HEREDITARY fuII movie avaiIable !
Stream/Download here

filme incrível! Altamente recomendado!

Marcus Zyker says:

So this is just a remake of burnt offerings. Fuck. That sucks

Oliver Cukor says:

I think the movie is only scary to people who already believe in supernatural stuff.

Oliver Cukor says:

Dumbest movie ever.

Marcus Zyker says:

So it’s the babadook but even dumber?

Marcus Zyker says:

I laughed my ass off during the Exorcist

Marcus Zyker says:

So basically from what I read. Demons are involved and the characters do jack shit to stop it.
Oh and there’s a religious cult apparently.
So basically it’s a white peoples version of Silent hill. That one movie where a camera kills people, and the shitty cult plot from the Paranormal Activity.

Michael Layco says:

Was that a joke about not knowing what the miniatures are for? They stop the movie every 10 minutes and have characters look at the camera to tell the audience that it's for an art show. Repeatedly she gets emails and reminders to keep working, whether she needs an extension, getting supplies, etc.

Rachel curlylocks says:

I'm with Kory. Slave /Holocaust films will have me losing sleep but I slept like a baby after Exorcist and Baba Dook was just flat

The Chosen One says:

I bet if this was an all black cast it would be a full price lol

Irrefutable Matt says:

havent seen the movie yet but re: scariest movie ever

every movies the scariest movie to someone… and marketing is always gonna try to sell their product as "the best" of something… im not naive enough to assume that a lot critics arent just stealth marketing…

ilikethecokev2 says:

I was going to say, scarier than Exorcist? Nightmare on Elm Street 1? Alien? BULLSHIT.

AZE says:

Cube is one of the best movies ever. So eerie and creepy

Wesley Sledge says:

Milly Shapiro has cleidocranial dysplasia

Jomar Vega says:

I thought this film was brilliant ! But fear is subjective.

Evelyn says:

This movie wasn’t a standard horror film with jump scares and monsters. But to me, it was better than that. The film examines how grief clouds judgment and renders us susceptible to manipulation by those who would abuse it for there gain. But then again horror is subjected and this was an art house film. I personally loved it. People today have the attention span of a goldfish.

Asah Spades says:

Not even close. Y'all some fuckin fanboys

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