Hereditary – Movie Review

Hereditary – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd. Directed by Ari Aster.



shahed bin-karim says:

Never even heard abou this movie. Probably this film's marketing team didn't target Asia. Anyway, thanks a lot Chris.

Jason Boaden says:

Two hours of toni collette pushing a pile of shit up hill. This movie had promise and strong production value, but like Mother!, it's a simple story stretched way the fuck out.

Kick Ass says:

No, thanks ! This sounds very scary and the trailer felt too spooky. Maybe I'll stick to Peter Rabbit or something.

Chris Toro says:

You're going to college?
Good for you, Bro!

Simone Janse van Noordwyk says:

You guys, have we talked about the tattoo on Chris' right arm yet?
P. S. Can't wait to watch this movie.

Skywalker Hernon says:

I never end a Chris Stuckmann video until I get Stuckmannized!

Reece Andrew says:

Ive been waiting for your review, now i'm definitely going to see it

LightningProductions says:

Damn good review

Trevor Thornley says:

horror movies seem to be killing it right now

joker Darker says:

i had a felling this movie was going to be SPECIAL n i'm so,so glad it's going to be one of the best of the year,,,
n fuck the oscars,,,only "ones" who win,are winning for a different reason that most don't get because like the elections,these decisions are made way before time in a room with people we never see or even know ,i hope that makes sense,,

Rrock Cj says:

Gotta explain that feeling of horror we get when something subtle happening on the screen, that we don't really even notice, but when we do it scares the shit out of us in the most disturbing way. Well when we notice something subtle like that happening subconciously deep down inside we feel like it something even the director didn' know was there. Like it really is something supernatural that happened not just in the movie but in real life while they were shooting the scene, like some presence felt like being there. Next time you feel that, you'll understand what I mean.

franky Davalos says:

College does not pay for itself.

Rozza says:

why didn't you say "get stuck'd"?

A Stafford says:

Nominate Toni! Nominate Toni! Nominate Toni!

MrLando0 says:

I loved Martyrs, what'd you think Chris? High Tension was cool until the dumb twist.

Daniel Clark-hughes says:

Best t-shirt ever

Jonathan Chiasson says:

Bigest jumpscare ever: the spider at the end of Enemy…damn😨

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