Hereditary Angry Movie Review

Hereditary Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the latest Horror Film Hereditary, billed as this generations Exorcist, is this film truly that scary? Find out!

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cryingmushroom47 says:

is that ff12 music at the intro?

M C says:

Joe is a fat fuck with an extremely punchable face with zero sense of humor. Not to mention that his arguments are of a 10 year old, maybe due to his limited vocabulary. Don t know why this channel has so many subscribers…

New JoeButtons says:

This movie reminded me of The Babadook and Rosemary's baby.
I have no qualms about this movie taking it's time with the characters development.

radd says:

For me the scariest part was the kid’s face

er tucch. says:

I'm sorry Joe, I can't trust you with horror movies ever again. Ever since you gave Ouiji Origin of Evil a 9/10 I just have to dismiss your horror reviews even though I like listening to them. let's be honest Ouiji would be lucky to get a 4/10 bro 😥

Eros says:

One of the best horror films I’ve ever seen hands down!!

wasd says:


Sapph_Playz says:

Glad I found this before going to see this movie, great review

Ayn Rand says:

It doesn't take that long to get an audience invested in a character. Make the character likable relatable and funny, and the audience will be invested in just a few minutes. If you are going for a much slower burn that means the writer and director are unfocused pricks that are too full of themselves.

Zorastorm 32 says:


I am the Joe-Handsome bot

Ayn Rand says:

Scariest since The Exorcist? That doesn't take much. Exorcist is boring as hell until the last 20 minutes. I don't buy into demon possession, so the exorcism was interesting to watch but not scary.

J Van says:

The Witch rocked. A24 is top movie making.
The Witch and Lords of Salem are two Great Satanic movies.🖖🏻.
More please.

Janfrans Zuidema says:

Who are these people and why are they so popular?


Dont hide the truth AngryJoeShow you profile like rasist.

Jesse Meza says:

Movie was meh

JUST ME says:

the symbol that was on the grandma's neck was on the telephone pole that ended charlie. i think the whole thong was set up for charlie to die so her soul (which i think is demonic) would go into peter's body.

M C says:

What the fuck are you wearing

Cruz Medina says:

Let Alex know I'ma split his mom open like a coconut

BellowD Gaming says:

1 hour of jumpscares where cut off

Cruz Medina says:

Tell Alex I said he's a little bitch

Pierre Paolo Jordan says:

Damn! I don't know if I want to watch this one! hehehe

TheRealTanSeeker says:

I think it was awesome. The slow burn made me feel worried, anxious, sick… Just generally uncomfortable the whole movie. I loved it. I loved The Witch also.

Alexander Sharpe says:

Other joe saved me 30$

lee williamson says:

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