Hereditary (2018) – Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Hereditary (2018) – Spoiler-Free Movie Review

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Hereditary is easily the most hyped horror film of 2018 so far not starring Michael Myers. A simple tale of a family uncovering literal and figurative demons in their lineage’s past has taken the horror community by storm on both ends of the reception spectrum. With a movie that is easily the most divisive movie out right now, how do I fare with my thoughts on Hereditary?

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Johnny Boy says:

Well said good sir! Going tobeatch this soon I hope

Isaac Erickson says:

Yeah this movie raised a lot more questions for me than it answered. It was a real slug through the middle, but still gives you a lot to talk about. We actually did a podcast on it and talked for over an hour about a lot of these questions if you wanna check it out.

Jennifer Moslek says:

Well damn…Couldn't you just show the 2 really scary scenes you mentioned & save me the 90 minutes?? Lol

Donte Hillebrand says:

The movie is a masterpiece

Hey, isn't that Devon Graham? says:

Still surprised at the divide over this movie. I walked out thinking, damn we got a modern masterpiece here. I understand if some things are confusing for people but they weren’t out there and half ass to where they don’t make sense imo. Idk I loved it.

TJ Epps says:

The ending to this movie was on some fuckshit.

Savage 1 says:

This movie was very boring i thought.

Daniel Sanderlin says:

This movie sucked ass, point blank!

Sena J. says:

Great review, Cody! 👍🏼 You & I definitely have the same taste, I purposefully waited until you reviewed this one until I went to see it. I figured it wouldn’t live up to the “scariest movie of 2018” hype but I’m still intrigued since I live for psychological horror/stuff that sticks with you for awhile after.

Have you seen Raw? I recently watched it on a whim on Netflix & it’s not scary necessarily but something about it just stuck with me after I saw it.. bizarre.

Austin River says:

I have to disagree with you on this one, which is totally fine, but the plot was there since the beginning. Everything is there. The movie is about a family being cursed. The movie is a pure nightmare.

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