Hereditary (2018) Horror Movie Review/Discussion

Hereditary (2018) Horror Movie Review/Discussion

In this episode of the horror review/discussion show ‘Screams After Midnight,’ we discuss ‘Hereditary.’

The film is Directed by Ari Aster and stars Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd & Gabriel Byrne.

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Movies Now says:

They gived out barf bags if you bought tickets for herditary at the ticket booth idk why

Renegade Hero says:

Good review. Enjoyed the trailer talk at the end.

Bored Now says:

I did hear a review on friday saying that the first half of the film is very good, but then the second half doesn't quite live up to it and becomes a bit more generic. But overall was positive like the others. I am really excited to see it. Am a big Toni Collette fan that adds to it. Think I am going to wait until next month when it shows at my local picturehouse. Meaning I will have to return to your fine review then…

lgoamity says:

Wasn't going to give this a try… But the review might change my mind.

Tom Hoole says:

There were about five instances in this film where I absolutely pissed my pants laughing. Good movie, but treads a fine line between extremely horrifying and unintentionally hilarious.

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