HEEL KICK! Movie Review/Preview | Wrestling With Wregret

HEEL KICK! Movie Review/Preview | Wrestling With Wregret

What happens when a pair of clueless backyard wrestlers actually try and get trained? The results are pretty hilarious in the new movie HEEL KICK, which drops later this week! I got an early look at the movie and present my brief, spoiler-free thoughts on it!



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Wrestling With Wregret says:

Just to clear the air and to cut off any future commenters with this idea:

This is not a sponsored video.

I was in no way compensated to review/preview this film.

This is meant to be a spoiler-free advanced review for a movie that has yet to come out.

I do occasionally try to promote things in a neutral, positive way on my own. Come around on Thursdays if you want my long-form videos with more jokes and gags.

Thank you for reading.

Kevin Mystic Mac Lee says:

Grown men watching oiled up body builders pretend to hit each other

Morgan Sowell says:

If this is "an ad not a review" so is every single positive review any movie has ever had.
I know 2/3 of youtube is really specifically complaining about things, but sometimes reviewers say "here's a thing I like" and that's ok.

Tyson Moore says:

Thanks Brian for the review. I am
Looking forward to checking this one out.

Jerviss Musngi says:

Brian, I would love for you to do a review on the South Park episode "W.T.F" one of these days!

MrStatistx says:

Great, homepage says it's out. Can't find it anywere. I guess Europe (Austria) gets fucked by those region locks

PRYVTgomerPYLE says:

This should have been shown to kids in the 90's… Maybe I wouldn't be power bombing my little brothers into mattresses back in 98… ROFL

kathartik says:

I appreciate this, Brian. the reason most of your videos are slag-offs is because you're reviewing them from the future way after the content was produced. this was clearly something that's upcoming that you enjoyed and wanted to put a spotlight on, and there's nothing to be gained by crapping all over something that's trying to be released if you enjoyed it. it's not like you didn't criticize it, but it's clear you enjoyed it.

Joe Francis says:

You should get Mike the Maleficent Love Machine to watch this movie.

Matt Krywyj says:

SOMEONE got some money from the makers of Heel Kick…..geez man have a little pride

jeff mcclure says:

Heel kick? Isn't that pretty much dick kick city?

the Jay Johann show says:

Was this sponsored? You never said it was or wasn't, and there isn't a tag in description


Hi Brian, have you seen the trailer for Walk Like a Panther? Its a british film about wrestling, i was wondering what your thoughts might be?

Art Of Clouds says:

Paid advertisement

Johnnie Plaisted says:

Brian Zane couldn't cut the mustard In the ring

Vito Scaletta says:

I can do what wrestlers do…
All I gotta do is load up a wrestling game lol

Leo Lombardozzi says:

A mockumentary that’s goofy in the beginning that takes a serious twist at the end? Gay.

Cellophane Man says:

I hope they have it for a rental too. $10 is a lot of money for a digital product I'm only going to watch once. And no, I don't go to the movie theater, for that same reason. ( I also need a better job if that's a lot of money to me lol )

immortally insane says:

An old friend of mine kept making fun of me when i used wrestle in local shows in mid 2000's. I brought him with me to a show to show him how fake wrestling is. We arrived few hours before the show started and told him to get in the ring and to run the ropes and take few back bumps. After like 10 minutes, i told him to get in the corner, to put his arms over the rope and i gave him the hardest chop i could, he cried like a bitch and i was yelling " HOW FAKE WAS THAT?" i asked my buddy who had the nastiest chop ( a la Bully Ray or Big show ), he's like 6,4 and close too 300 pounds. Getting chop by him was like get shot by a shotgun and he chop my friend, he's face was priceless and cried even more. My friend asked him if he still thought if it was fake and when he said no, he said " good, because i would have chop you until you you have nothing left to slap, now get the fuck off my ring!" never again he was making fun of wrestling again.

Michael Kohl says:

You should review the wrestling episode of Workaholics.

Joe Zappy says:

Hey Brian can you do a video on Ultimo/Ultimate Dragon in WWE, I always loved his work in WCW and don't really remember him that much in WWE.

crusader gamer says:

Great video

Matt Snyder says:

Kayfabe was funny, if this is in the same vein it should be good.

Anthony Dolbec says:

A movie you could review, would be Chokeslam, a comedic movie, starring Mick Foley, featuring cameos from Lance Storm and Harry Smith.

Jimmy Hollywood says:

Is there any chance that you may review the movie Choke Slam???

Wesley Landon Woolsey aka The Woose says:

This movie and Kayfabe are the wrestling equations of Spinal Tap!

daniel hirt says:

Gangrels wrestling school is here in hollywood,FL

Freddy Nunez says:

Review 12 Rounds 3 next.

MrStatistx says:

I dont use Itunes, is it gonna drop on some other service too?

Wrestler who? says:

Might watch it, if I can rent it on PSN.

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