Happy Death Day – Movie Review

Happy Death Day – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Happy Death Day, starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton. Directed by Christopher Landon.



PastelSoccerMom says:

I really want to see this but I’m watching the shining with my mom so

Ivy He says:

I love the intro… great job man

The One says:

Review I Am Sam on netflix?

Rashaan Butler says:

Y'know Chris, the physical edition of the Friday The 13th video game developed by Illfonic and published by Gun Media also comes out this friday. Do you think you could give us a review of that?

Steven Tyler says:

Tropes…. hahahahahahahahaha – Ooooh, look at the Big Brain on Brad…

Lavar Ball says:

For $5 mil, I thought this was a very good movie

MrKiraBR says:

Nice tattoo

Dre Rmz says:

This definitely gave me that Edge of Tomorrow vibe when someone in the trailer said you have eternal lives to figure who the killer is

Wizzy says:

So thats it huh? We’re some kinda Happy Death Day?

ZXxsniperMsrXx says:

Edge of tomorrow

randomboy933 says:

Dope backround chris!

Esau Cousin says:

I've seen too many fucking ads for this fucking movie

Wizard Greycat says:

Phill was the meanest mean girl of all

Aaron Chris says:

Can't wait to see this.

Farhan Marco says:

Review Overdrive (2017) please?

Phase One says:

i cant really watch chris as much with that tattoo

Spoopy S U C C says:

Very spooky background I give it an A

thespiderbird says:

Your reviews are great… and you're a total babe. Sorry. I had to say it.

Weeaboss says:

Is this film a JoJo reference?!

Al Costa says:

Ready young girl has sex the night before her birthday and is stuck being murdered endlessly by a killer in a baby mask it's all a motif for teen pregnancy her life as a young girl is over and she has to live the rest of her days with a baby

2004mojo says:

First film that came to my mind was "Happy Birthday to Me".

Justin Mallon says:

Guess it's time to see Blade Runner 2049 again

Aaron Carlston says:

Just stay at home for the day. Prep the shit out of your house defend yourself and kill that bastard

johnny caston says:

Chris please quit saying riveting

sofia lopez says:


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