Happy Death Day – Movie Review

Happy Death Day – Movie Review

A girl keeps reliving her birthday in the style of Groundhog Day…..except with a slasher flick killer. Here’s my review of HAPPY DEATH DAY!

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Mark Stewart says:

I enjoyed that she gets weaker Everytime she comes back, the wounds heal but are still present was a nice add on to the formula.

VCW says:

I was actually really hyped for this movie

VCW says:

I was hoping he would blow on a candle on the thumbnail.

BrightLyteProductions says:

Source Code!

E3ECO says:

Okay, Jeremy, your review made me put it on my Netflix list.

Michael Wollar says:

Dark Matter season 3 ep 4, All the time in the world, handles the time loop trope fantastically!

fangiresaga says:

Mines not a movie but a TB episode of one of my favorite shows, Supernatural. The episode is called Mystery Spot. (To be honest, I think that's the episode name.)

mjtubeme says:


Forfax Sake says:

What about that one episode from Misfits?

revenant says:

Can you review Gerald's game on Netflix

Kathy Sewell says:

Love the shirt!

Todd Knaperek says:

Isn't that the New Orleans Pelicans King Cake Baby as the killer?


Before I fall!

Awsomeness103 says:

Daisan no bakudan! Bites Za Dusto!!!


It's not a movie, but the episode of Star Trek TNG when they get stuck in the causality loop is in my top five episodes.


Ms paragremese home for peculiar children

Maracia Nolivez says:

Christmas do-over

Prizzo Hann says:

Review me, Jeremy.

SwordArt51 says:

arq on Netflix repeats the same day and it's better than any movie that repeats the same day.

WarthogDemon says:

I'll be watching this next week on my own birthday.

Sean Chandler Talks About says:


The Feleapz says:

There's a cool looking Jackie Chan – Pierce Brosnan movie out… Nope, let's watch a "horror" movie with a gimmick that gets a predictable rating. And I used to think you reviewed movies not to keep up with view counts but to explain what you think about movies that others haven't gotten the chance to watch before. What happened to you…..

NightShifter says:

Naked on Netflix

MR. Clown says:

First I thought the dad was pissed cuz she hung up ?

Robert McCoy says:

Does it have to be a movie, because there was one episode of Stargate Sg-1 (Window of Opportunity S4 E6) that played that out in a pretty fantastic way. Worth a watch, but then again so is all of SG-1.

Kathy Dahl says:

Before I fall, that's another loop movie

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