Hangman 2017 Movie Review

Hangman 2017 Movie Review

Isn’t Hangman supposed to be a childhood game? Not in this film! This serial Killer leaves clues while playing hangman!
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Eddy Molina says:

Check out my latest review on My Friend Dahmer. Time for some Serial Killer stuff https://youtu.be/ojzPr5HCqk0

no hassle says:

I don't know which movie was worse this or The Snowman.

Rafał Rafi says:

Check the link with the best quality! Watch or download until you delete!

Ras A says:

What did al pachinko day before he died on the stairs

Michael Stath says:

Worst fucking movie Al Pacino has ever been in that I've seen and I seen many of his movies since he was in his early days of acting like the Godfather etc. I was blown away that this movie actually made it to production and now know why it never was released in theaters as far as I know.

Rako says:

Your review was on point man. We just watched it and felt like we lost over an hour of our lives that will never return lol The acting, the music, the "plot twist" and the final scene of a new game was just jank. Great video!

The CineRanter says:

A really poor movie – bland and lacking tension. I just released my own review if you're interested.

Twin Flicks says:

Wow I haveht heard of this, is it brand new? Its sad to see these classic actors now doing all these direct to dvd movies especially when its a bad movie lol. Good review bro! Looking forward to ur next one

Alexandria Vaun says:

Never saw the trailer for this. Too bad bc Al Pacino is great. Ugh Brittany Snow is terrible in everything I’ve seen her in. I’ll pass on this one but great review Eddy!

Eddy Molina says:

Well it had a good idea. What are other serial killer movies out there?

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