Good Hook: God’s Country (Movie Review)

Good Hook: God’s Country (Movie Review)

Workaholic has no time in her life for God, only her professional ambitions and responsibilities. Can she be fixed?
Episode 46 of the Good Hook



Penelope Rayner says:

Meghan's completely right; he hasn't paid taxes, he's behind on rent, he should just fucking sell

Jack Sullivan says:

I am pretty sure that this place is a cult

D. R. Berry says:

Hope moving works out for you, and I really enjoyed the first part of the review.

As for the comments about you being a former Christian, honestly I have no idea why people assume because you're being mildly critical that MUST mean you've totally turned away from God. Like somehow noticing the issues with Christian culture means you're going to be an atheist any second now. As though must have an issue with God himself if you notice the flaws in the people that follow him.

Granted there are a LOT of problems with Christian culture. It engages in some very cult-like tactics to keep people in the fold, quite a few of them, the further south you get in America anyway (from my experience) tend to get a very out-dated mindsets, and their environments really just reinforce those out-dated mindsets regardless of any solid evidence to the contrary.

#notallchurches of course. I'm just speaking from my own personal experiences with Southern Baptists and some of the evangelicals in my own family that I've had to deal with.

All in all, this fresh perspective of yours has made for a more entertaining review for me. Probably because this review has managed to hit much closer to home than others have in the past. You've really voiced some of my usual hangups with Christian culture in a way that made me laugh. Not to mention the pitfalls of genre that these movies fall into that make them so dang predictable! Romantic comedies at LEAST shake it up a little bit sometimes, and they're as formulaic as you can get.

I also just want to say that each review you've made has been a steady climb upward in quality. I'm looking forward to watching this review again in 2020 and cringing at how it's just not as good as your more recent stuff!

Jochem Scheelings says:

Good to see you back, time to resub

EarthboundX says:

Whoa! That's the women from Birdemic director's first movie! Julie and Jack.

Seems Julie and Jack was one of the first things she ever did.

Jorrun says:

the hat and the beard are a good look, Irawss

PD Comic Book Network says:

Always good to see a Good Hook. Thanks for the upload, Rawss

fish eye no miko says:

OMG, Jenn Gotzon was in "Julie & Jack" a movie made by James "Birdemic" Nguyen!

fish eye no miko says:

"A crippling fear of the number four"
Fun fact: In some Asian countries, the word for "four" is a homonym for the word for "death", so four is considered unlucky. Like, buildings won't have a fourth floor, etc.

iRawss 2 says:

Part two of this review is on its way. I'm in the process of moving again so there will be more changes to the show, haha

BringBacktheHitch says:

Welcome back!

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