Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018) – Korean Horror Movie Review

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018) – Korean Horror Movie Review

An internet broadcaster recruits a handful of people for their ‘experience the horror’ show at Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, a place selected as one of the ‘7 freakiest places on the planet’.

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Haemin Jang says:

I'd like to recommend some old korean horrormovie R-point. it's also quite popular in Korea

Pham Jacqueline says:

Watch it at 0 am in a room alone, you will feel the utmost, trust me!

Pham Jacqueline says:

This footage film is very good. I am fan of horror film and i really like it. Bravo!


Well it was a bad idea to watch this movie at midnight with lights out, alone.

Phiang Simbulan says:

I ask what happened in the morning after that night 😕

MaryMacaroons says:

Am i the only one who find this movie funny?.

Prkwon says:

Holy Crap…i understand you don't understand Korean. But, it's 2018. Especially if you guys have seen Korean films. And, watched k-dramas…you know they pronounce A sound with AHH not Eh. It's my personal pet peeve. If you've never heard Koreans speak or watched any Kpop film, tv shows i understand. But, these guys probably seen quite a few. With subtitles. This pet peeve started with Gangnam Style. It's gang of people with style. Gang in Gangnam Style is River. Nam is south. South of the River. If you didn't know after 6 years, you are lazy. I'm glad these guys enjoyed it but it just annoys me. I know all the haters of this comment will say that they don't speak the language, but come on guys.

ikato kiyazaki says:

Pussy licking sound is what i heard in the movie loooooooool

TGD KARI says:

its in fb and its so scary

Mike says:

lol that intro.

Nao Chan says:

I seen this film
Lot of jump scares

Ronica Dey says:

it was sooo good. i loved the movie. I got scared so bad.

gude tama says:

I just watched it earlier at 1 A.M. and it's sooo awesome. I think this is by far the korean movie that spooked the hell out of me. And I just half to download the full movie and watched it for the second time and read between the characters' lines to catch up with them. And I agree to you two when you said that you know that something bad's gonna happen but ugh, the twists though. 😭💕 A MUST WATCH MOVIEEE.

Gaemer 88 says:

The place does exist! It's illegal to visit but people break in all the time.

Mikmik Andaya says:

when it comes to asian horror movie korea and thailand are the best . I recently watch this and fuck, the ending fuck me up, creepy as fuck

ysnperfecttarget says:

Gonjiam movie sucks. So fake and not scary enough. I would give 1/10 truly disappointing

Boomrock E says:

I finally saw it today. Glad my buddy was open minded enough to watch with me. He's not big on Asian films, but he really liked it. Hope there are more good Asian horror movies coming out this year.

mr Nobody says:

Hey great review Corrie
Please review any of these three movies before meeting Mohanlal.. Watching his best movies and performances played by him
#Iruvar (tamil movie 1997)
#Devasuram (malayam movie 1993)
#kireedam(malayam movie 1989)

Julie TWOM-IMO says:

do they have it in the US?

rasta k8 says:

Thai n japan horrors are the best..but i think this movie is good also

Selvakumar Ramaiah says:

Bro pls do review aaranya Kandam Tamil movie its available in Hot star its is one of best neo noir movie from india

Shao Mark says:

its hard to do more in depth review without soiling the plot a bit lol i can see that

Andy Milman says:

Have you seen Tazza the high rollers… starring Jo seung woo … give it a chance

Deanna Huynh says:

Great review! I really appreciate that you review asian cinema because of the uniqueness and lack of filter the movie has! Can you please review the Movie Hwayi: a Monster Boy? It was a very impactful movie! 😃

Shankaranarayanan Gopalan says:

Great analysis bro it would be great if u could review two movies,'naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanom', and 'Soodhu Kavvum' I guarantee good experience 😊

MaNeSh TiTu Madhavan says:

Kindly watch and do review on BANGALORE DAYS Malayalam Movie starring Parvathy☺

Arnav aranav says:

Dear korea, I'm a big fan and admirer of your reviews and hats off to your love to indian cinema. As an Indian as well as a Keralite, your moments of appreciation regarding our industry makes us proud. Will you mind if you could please review a Mammootty film, who is one of the finest actors that India has produced. He is a legend just like Mohanlal. So far Mammootty has the second most wins for the national awards for best actor after Bachchan. We would be so glad if you could give a watch to the mystery thriller munnariyppu(2014) which stars him in the lead role. It's a classic and we are pretty sure that you will love it. Eagerly looking forward to this review. I have seen the same request a couple of times in your channel and I'm proud to recommend this movie once more.

puny punny says:

Watched your video this morning and caught this movie at night. Took a while for the movie to get going. The good is that some creepiness came from simple things. The bad is that there are not many scares, with the last two being pretty generic. Watchable but also nothing special.

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