Get Out! Movie Review and Mind Control

Get Out! Movie Review and Mind Control

Come out of her my people!!!! Conversation about mind control. Celebrities and the very eye opening movie by Jordan peele. Go check out the movie Get Out!



Teresa Edmond says:

The people who are in the mainstream are all demon possessed. That's what their problem is. We can pray for them but we can`t associate ourselves with them.

David Fuller says:

Just a review of this movie would have sufficed.

Johnathan Roberts says:

…..yet we have people fighting and clawing and willing to do anything to get into these industries. So to better paint this picture, the young man or woman who is hell-bent on pursuing their dream this is what it actually looks like they are saying, " It has always been my dream to be an actress in Hollywood (slave)…I have been preparing for this (slavery) all my life. I don't care what it takes, I am going to make it in the industry (as a slave)…you just watch and see!"……meanwhile people on the inside seem to be forbidden to warn everyone against it or they want people to suffer with them or they have to disguise it in some way. Those, from the inside, who have spoken out, are labeled crazy/conspiracy theorist and they are ignored by the masses. The Walking Dead is truly a reflection of society….if only people would WAKE UP!

MyYah Bijoux says:

powerful review sister.

Meira Chana says:

Good Word !!
Yah is sending confirmations.

Terah says:

This movie will make you think twice about dating outside your race

Praise_Ye_ YAH says:

This movie was something else… you were spot on with the deeper messages being shared- the general public may see it just to be entertained, but there's definitely more to it.

skruss10 says:

haha I just watched this crappy movie and been studying (youtube) mind control for 10 years. Check out my vid , mainly I'm asking you cause I just started vids and you seem pretty intelligent. You sound like a God lover and I'm not so maybe we can debate.

Byanca Tiggs says:

It's like you read my mind and pour it out! All I do is see empty vessels in celebs, politicians, athletes, since taking the red pill. Their "alter eagle" has taken over them. Sasha fierce, Roman, Slim Shady, Yeezus, Hovah! You name it! Demons! So many people have this vail covering their eyes and can not see what is going on in this world. Illuminati, Elite, synagogue of Satan, Roman, Babylon no matter what dragon you what to call it, it's still all Satan, our enemy. Physical Israel and spiritual Israel needs to wake up! I thank Yah for the revelation that he has given to you. I glad to know that others can see what I see and I am not alone in this same view. Sometimes I feel like the prophet Jeremiah! Stay FREE my sister! Shalom

RisnAbuvPearls says:

Also, a scene between Chris and Rose in the bedroom at her parent's…..I noticed the picture that said, "Death Cheetah vs Matter"……hmm must be a hint at Black Matter.

Susan Hooper says:

You have a valid point. I thought the movie was demonic because after I watched the movie I had a strange encounter.

Kimber Lily says:

Great video! Living around legions of disobedient Christians, 'yes' I'm sinking.

Dee Singleton says:

Dang I didn't know you swear like that…. However I would like to check out the movie during the day time lbvs.

RisnAbuvPearls says:

I saw it yesterday…..Profound! I'm still pondering it…. the part when the old man said he wanted his Eyes! Shalom

Jay Wilhelm says:

Sis, Truly spoken out of love. God bless you and your family.

K20civicsirturbo says:

to all my Israelite brothers that like white women you should go see this movie

Kevin Gregory says:

I saw this movie and everything you said was spot on! spot on! I'm going to see it again as well!

LaNique Smith says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed this. I'm a writer and entrepreneur. There are major life changes happening for me. I will be sure to remember you're Ehyeh inspired words.

Gia Nelson says:

Everything you said has resonated with my spirit! I haven't heard of the movie but Im definitely going to check it out. Shalom!

Anthony Molina says:

Obama was deceiver from the very beginning with his changing America. His change was Islam and Transgenders. He was CIA, NWO. Bad example for what you are saying.
I like what you are saying, I like watching you finding the words for expressing your ideas.
It's a corrupt world, controlled by wicked forces. So when you want to be successful in this present world, they have to surrender themselves in joining with them.
It would be great to join with someone who is working on a unselfish righteous and honest way.
Peace and love

Miranda Turner says:

Huldah, you are spot on! I've been having theses thoughts! thank you sis Halleluyah!

Miranda Turner says:


yeezobang ! says:

sync, share, follow get it? at first glance it looks normal it's more frightening than you think. everyone please study

john jacobsmith says:

To me, It's idol worship. It's giving our lives & Deeds to worldly concepts & doctrine & blindly rejecting the truth, in turn becoming engulfed in darkness. The way is straight and narrow & high society negates this truth with their actions & deeds, using the outlets which highly influence our mindset, as human beings from nation to nation. Sin is the illness & the end result is the same for all "death" it's reminds me of the type of grounds spoken about in the gospels. Where the cares( distractions) choke out the fruitfulness of the good news & the freedom within…We look for identity in things that do not hold true value. Worshipping the creature more than the creator! Professing ourselves to be wise became fools… Like king Solomon held all the wealth & comfort one man could hold. Wisdom unmeasurable! yet in his conclusion of life's matters he says "the whole duty of man is to worship God" it also reminds me of when Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness…truthfully it's a daily battle! Its hard to war against the fabric of our society. I think of "guard your heart with all diligence" only unmuffled truth will break the mold. A lot of movies reflect our broken society. Our music reflects our brokenness! Our educational system reflects a our brokenness! Our justice system reflects our brokenness!! The inflation of mental health disorders is clearly a reflection of brokenness!! Lawlessness!! What else can we reflect, if our hearts are full of evil? We sow seeds of death & continuously harvest the same…I work with at risk children and we've seemly lost the battle! Yet, I've read the book & my faith will not be shaken…when I return should I find faith on the earth??? If I hadn't came soon, even my elect would have been fooled!! There is a remedy!! There's an army not fallen! Upon this Rock I'll shall build my church & the gates of hell will not prevail. I haven't seen that movie. Wasn't planning on it because I know hypnosis & spiritual oppression is real & obviously active in our society today. Hypnosis isn't always super easy to spot….there are elements to mind control. "Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus" if you think a certain way, you act a certain way, yes? Movies. Music. Doctrines. Philosophies. Filter them by the book! The living word. God himself…his character given to us. Living in us by his Holy Spirit. Giving us the power to overcome the world! To deflate the fiery darts of the Satan. The armor of God! Fully suited! The spirit that raised Jesus from the dead quickens our bodies. We're stronger than a thousand arms, when all of heaven stands in battle with us!

Mrs. R's Books and Things says:

I hear you! Remember that God has also given us power, thru Him, to pull them out by prayer. Thanks for this message…remain free!!! I'm going to pray about seeing the movie. If you are close to the celebrities, pray about what God wants you to say and do on His behalf. He has equipped you.

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