Gerald’s Game – Movie Review

Gerald’s Game – Movie Review

A 3rd Stephen King adaptation comes out, but this one directed by Mike Flanagan! Here’s my review of GERALD’S GAME!

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comicgirl267 says:

Misery. I love the adaptation of Misery! 🙂

flowerchild says:

is it better than Hush?

Alex Meyer says:

I still remember Carla Gugino as the mom from Spy Kids.

Alex Meyer says:

There's another Stephen King film adaptation called 1922 coming to Netflix on October 20. You should review that, too.

Jon Stewart says:

I hated the book but I love the movie. Better than IT 2017. The book is good but I found it to be a slow page turner. My only flaws with the film is that it is a little confusing and I don't totally understand the creepy man.

Gee Cee says:

This film was GOOD. Very different from your average suspense movie

Patrick Riachi says:

The Best Thing About Gerald's Game was The Ending And Mike Flanagan is One of The Best Horror Directors But Still My Favourite Stephen King Novel is Carrie Directed By Kimberley Pierce In 2013

The Variety Channel says:

Good review, Austin.

I'm surprised you gave it a 5/5.

Am I looking at your favorite movie of the year?

Nick Gorvokovic says:

Where does this film rank in your favorites of the year list?

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