GEOSTORM SUCKS – Comedy Movie Review

GEOSTORM SUCKS – Comedy Movie Review

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I saw Geostorm the other day and I knew immediately I had to make a video on it. If you liked this and would like to see more like it make sure to leave a like and comment!

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Tahukan says:

If you enjoyed this style of video please let me know. I'd like to keep content fresh and new for you guys (kinda like how jacksfilms does his stuff) so if you have ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them!

General Racoon says:

Me while seeing the tittle: no shit

x K3RNEL says:

Plz do voice reveal.

Tally Mark says:

Congrats on 7000. Where the fuck You at? I need my memes.

awesomefacepalm says:

A few seconds in to the trailer I knew this movie sucked

Battlefield1 Hype says:

I’m still waiting on that Jacob Sartourious diss track

Lol love ur content

Magikarpultunnel says:

Was going to see that… Now I don't have to waste 9 bucks

superfurball89onyoutube says:

This movie sucks but my ex sucks more FUCKING WHORE i found your video on pornhub BITCH

James Bowler says:

NZ was ok so I’m good

Kavan Green says:

This was the kind of branching out you were thinking of? I like it! I didn't expect it at all but you obviously have lots of thoughts on films and it was really interesting to watching 🙂 only problem I think Is that because of the default voice you can't get your character through, the voice works with ylyl because it's funnier to have this monotone voice reading stupid shit, here I think it would be awesome to hear how you felt about the movie through the emotion in your voice which might be a nerve-wracking idea for you? In any case, Id watch more of these but I don't know how many more people in your fanbase would which sucks… Second channel maybe?? If you have the money to see movies often, you'd be an awesome reviewer! Heck, this would even work in podcast form! Anyway, hope you're feeling a little better! Sorry for the paragraph but I like that you've branched out this way and hoped you'd appriciate some feedback 🙂

Holy League 1683 says:

Global warming explained

Dgaf Srh says:

the movie wasn't ment to be good its was ment to expose HAARP weather controlled by the government

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