Game Night – Movie Review

Game Night – Movie Review

A dark comedy about a group of couples who’s game night turns a bit too real. Here’s my review for GAME NIGHT!

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Shane McCloskey says:

Please start watching star wars rebels season 4…it is masterful

Coulson Lives!!! says:

I think Karl Urban should play Batman

Nathan Walsh says:

Get smart sits at the top of my unexpected great comedies of all time! Watched it because I was bored one day and have since gone back to it numerous times. Highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it yet! (yes I know it's old)

Ryan Penland says:

Happy Death Day was a movie that I walked into thinking it was going to be mediocre, and I ended up really digging it!

Omega Underground says:

Umm actually he was the bully in Like Mike

JC Gentles says:

nah fam i saw todd from breaking bad first in like mike

raze dragon says:

Stayed away from the trailer

Kelsey Taylor says:

I recently saw the newest Jumanji movie. I thought I wouldn't like it that much but it was really good. A surprise hit of 2017.

chris ash says:

Never heard of the movie before but I went to watch it with my girlfriend last night who never laughs at movies and she was in tears laughing

Logan Raffety says:

I wasn't even considering this movie it looked like a throw away. I'm glad it was good!

ProtoSnake says:

Do "Early Man" ! This good movie is getting low recognition than other sh!tty movies.

Jabbergeist says:

I haven't really seen many movies that i expected to suck(because why watch it in that case, right?), but in the genre of comedies I remember being entertained more than expected by Horrible Bosses and Dinner For Shmucks. Older ones I know, but I haven't been able to afford to go to the theater regularly for quite some time now. Anyway, I was also impressed by the new Jumanji, like you mentioned. I wasn't sure what to expect going in but I was very glad I went. I felt like it was sort of a "return to form" for the comedy adventure; a lot of reasonably clean fun without playing out any politics or polarizing issues.

Steve says:

Jeremy please review Cardboard Gangsters it recently got 100% on Rotten tomatoes. I'd love to hear what you think about it

Ricardo Rivera says:

Loved this movie!

Pa!n737 says:

Review the new episode of the walking dead

Reviews by Rhys says:

Hated the breaking bad guy, his first scene had me bored and his 2nd 3rd and fifth didn’t get better. The stupid guy handing over a bribe was crap too. The quick gags were good but too many drawn out like an Adam sander movie for me.
Jason Bateman and Rachel Mcadams were awesome though, very funny.

Roy L says:

Game Night was really funny. Enjoyed it a lot.

Ashley says:

Yo Jeremy, I really and truly enjoy your reviews, very informative. I was just wondering whether you studied film or are you a filmmaker by any chance? Would like to know, thanx.

Herman Falck How says:

There were multiple, I repeat multiple scenes that had me almost rolling in the seat. The one with the bullet in particular!

Steef H says:

This movie is epic

marley1221 says:

just watched this yesterday and it was hilarious… Rachel McAdams stole the show for me

Sean Wilson says:

that guy from Breaking bad, I remember him from Battleship. that whiny, wimpy little runt, Ordy. ?

"just please, can you give me something to do, I dunno what to do, sir." and he just complains and complains. GAWD, I WANTED HIM TO DIE SOMEWHERE IN THAT MOVIE ?

Phillip Reviews Movies says:

I found this movie really pleasantly surprising, honestly. So much chemistry going on amongst the cast and the direction was really spot on. Hoping that the directors of this film make more movies together

Alan Woller says:

I can't stay away from the trailer, it's been nearly every one of my YouTube ads for the past couple days

anthony cheesman says:

The whole denzel thing had me crying he looked like Jamie Foxx lol

anthony cheesman says:

Rachel mccadmas has never looked better then in this movie maybe mean girls lol

Steven Mcilwain says:

I really enjoyed the camera angles and it was really funny.

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