FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST NETFLIX ORIGINAL MOVIE REVIEW AND SPOILERS – The Double Toasted podcast reviews the Netflix original based off of the original anime Fullmetal Alchemist, and although fans of Brotherhood and anything else regarding Fullmetal Alchemist may not be hearing too many great things about this movie, maybe the Double Toasted crew can cook up enough of a reason to at least check this film out since it’s on Netflix. Find out if that is the case in this funny video!

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The High Score – 2-24-18

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frownmastr says:

The one anime that they could have gotten away with being an America film, or with a white cast, and nobody could really bitch about it, because of where its set, is this movie. There are alot of issues with this film, but having been trained in CG, Japanese CG is nearly always subpar. I feel it would have been better had it been made elsewhere. Continuity is my other big issue, the anime goes through the events that are in this movie over dozens of episodes, where in here, they tried to fit all of these different story arcs into one movie. Idk, its nice to see them trying to adapt things, buuuut theyve basically all been crap. Really the only exception is Ruroni Kenshin, which are fantastic, have you guys seen those?

croubo1 says:

This movie looks like Japan's equivalent to the Last Airbender movie: taking a beloved series and trying to condense its story down to a few hours (creating pacing issues), racially miscasting characters (except this time it's Asian actors playing Caucasian characters), and using terrible special effects.

Tekkara says:

Why is every anime that has European characters like full metal alchemists and attack on titan get Japanese casts but a anime that has Japanese characters get America casts. Just let America handle full metal alchimst and attack on titan we have the effects and actors Japan can do naruto, dragon ball, ghost in a shell ect.

Tekkara says:

I honestly got 10 minutes in and then just skimmed through it was unwatchable and FMA brotherhood is one of my top 5 favorite anime. It felt like they weren't even trying and over reacted everything like they were trying to morph into the anime.

x jh says:

Lust look like a 50 years old in this movie

LoveOrihime says:

What do most people like better, FMA or Brotherhood; I choose the original

LoveOrihime says:


L’s death is also one of the saddest deaths in anime, imo ?

setokaiba200x says:

i guess everyone was a 5 hour movie with very expensive budget cgi….

Your Average Muse says:

It's done in its native language because it was a Japanese made and released movie not Netflix.

I found Death Note (both Jap and Eng) better than this crap. All this movie had going for it was the aesthetics and scenes (poorly done) from the anime. Fans of the series may find this okay just because of the look and said scenes but this was TRASH. Death Note at least tackled the concept and had its own story.

katsupoi says:

no armstrong 0/10

Raz176 says:

Japan uses Japanese actors. America uses American actors. You wanna bring in other races for inclusion or accuracy, that's awesome and great to see. But film makers should be allowed to use who and what they want. You want more diversity, give diverse film makers a platform. You want more black actors, bring in black producers and black directors and support those that want to use black actors. Same with Asian. Acting is ACTING. Anyone should be able to ACT as anyone. I like accuracy and authenticity, but it's a bonus, not a requirement.

BucketDwarf says:

if Hollywood is so dead set on hiring white actors for anime adaptations, i always thought they should've just gone with FMA… This show could be a fantastic live action film if put into the right hands with the right actors.
I get that it's a japanese production so I don't care that they're asian, but if they made this film with white actors it wouldn't be whitewashing…

Johnnie Hansen says:

Don't worry we're not going to white wash german people.

Chad R M says:

This is the ONE anime that white washing makes sense?? like a Japanese guy with the last name Tucker?

Worgen33 says:

Al would be light. A suit of armor isn't that heavy, even heavy armor like that is probably like 70-80 lbs at the most since its something intended to be worn. A strong person could just lift him. Also, the movie should have been white washed since its actually set in a Europe analog so you would expect the main characters to be white, or at least not Japanese. This is actually one of the anime where you could have gotten away with that. But, I don't think it was really created with much intention of selling it too much outside Japan, so whatever.

PokeEmblem 692 says:

“Eastern Europe”.

Its Me says:

As far as it feeling like a "ghost town", I feel like that aspect portrays most anime or even just animation in general. I've always felt that, particularly with anime.

Star Brand says:

How could y'all forget about that horrible Fist of the Northstar live action movie? If you're saying "huh" right now, then look it up and tremble.

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