Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Movie Review

Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Movie Review

Merlin reviews the FMA live action movie HAGANE NO RENKINJUTSUSHI. Let me know your thoughts below!

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walking00dead says:

well going to have to watch it tonight lol

THE AnimeHERO says:

FMA Movie, beginning was cool but then it got boring for an hour than the last few minutes were interesting with how the story changed. The whole thing felt average to below average. The only bad part for me was the ending since Ed could've rescued Al if he just gave up his knowledge of alchemy like in brotherhood. Speed Racer & has been the best live action thus far & I judge every other anime film to it; it's gotta reach that standard.

Fhoughts says:

The live-action Speed Racer movie is great!

Ryan Rafter says:

Yeah I was really surprised that less than half of the homunculi were present and Scar, Bradley, Armstrong, Rose, etc were missing. Perhaps they are going to make a sequel featuring the above missing characters?

crzyboy190 says:

Kaiji would work well as a live-action.

Von The Stampede says:

Bruh I'm doing a review on this next week boy I got alot to say. Alot

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