Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie Review

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie Review

The watchable Fullmetal Alchemist does little to reverse the trend of disappointing movie adaptations of manga series.

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Trailer (Netflix)

Attack on Titan: Live Action Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie – Live Action Trailer

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N Olesen says:

Wat the FUDGE is wrong with Netflix, sure we get Spanish German and French but English? NOOOOO is so messed up.

Paul P says:

Edward cried more in this movie than Peter did in Spider-Man . In fact he cried more than he used alchemy. Should’ve been titled crybaby alchemist. Now I want to cry.

Randall Adkins says:

It was, at least, better (and more faithful to the original story), then Deathnote

lagunadmv says:

The movie is total POOP!!!!! THis movie ruined FMA for me
The acting throughout the actors/actresses are the only positive.
3/10 rating
if you love the anime of brotherhood, DO NOT WATCH this movie, it ruined FMA for me..

Travel&Joy says:

Its a good movie.
I prefer 100 times this kind of history that actually make the effort to meet the sourse materiel in many occasions then a Attack on Titans/ DragonballZ kind of life action adptqtion.
I even would watch again.
too many judging eyes over this one because it comes from a such loved manga.
but fans need to be awere that is very hard to make life actions from mangas, sacrufice needs to be done… just watch every movie based on books and you will know what I am talking about.
the movie is what it is and deserves a higher score. it got smart CGI, and the history is very close from sourse material…a surprise coming fro WBrother

Saxofonias says:

It was really good.  Highly recommended.  Probably one of the best anime/movie adaptations.  It is not perfect, but it was good.  Deserves 7.5 out of 10.

Metal Gear Link says:

The real question is why the hell do they keep making these

darwyn palencia says:

Better cgi then BLACK PANTHER

Ryan Sumayo says:

Zack Snyder would make a cool anime movie

Donatello I says:

To be fair it isn’t that bad for a live action anime movie from Netflix all people the movie manages to condense the gigantic series in a couple of hours plus it mostly feels like the anime but I do agree it does have its flaws

Clever Puppy Studios says:

6.5??!! That movie was absolute garbage!

Nicholas N says:

If you want a good adaptation just watch the Rurouni Kenshin live action trilogy.

Shmacked Muffins says:

One adaptation that i wouldn’t have mind white washing.

Kevin McBride says:

Excuse you Tokyo ghoul live action was amazing

El Mantishrimp says:

Honestly it's pointless trying to adapt an anime into a live action film. Anime is its own medium.

SuperbLegend says:

Just finished it things out of place but I understand why and they still have a whole other have to go through. Hope they finish it

dudez32 says:

I don't get everyone complaining about the asian actors in the movie, or people complaining about white actors in hollywood anime/manga adaptations. Each region adapts it in their own way. Simple. Why get upset about it?

Takeitdaybyday byday says:

The quality of the cameras used are out of this world though.

Kusumi kun says:

No Major Armstrong?

BlackBlitz7 says:

One of these reviewers said one of these anime adaptations was pretty good.

Google Is Trash says:

In resume better than Twilight.

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