FRIEND REQUEST (2017) Ending Explained

FRIEND REQUEST (2017) Ending Explained

Evil is trending in this Ending Explained for the Facebook supernatural horror movie Friend Request.

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Coal For love says:

That shit isn’t the Wiccan alphabet! It’s just random symbols.

Stingy Drop says:

Laura’s friends show how much time before Marina kills her

But honestly, the only thing scary here are the burnt up bodies of the boys, marinas mom, and marina

Black says:

So friend request isn't an unfriended sequel

ILikeTurtles _674666 says:

COMPUTER WITCH (2017) Ending Explained

Ahmed Sherif says:

Creepy very very creepy😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Ae'Yannah Hawkins says:

0:28 the witch is a bad movie it sucks in my opinion

Makenzie the Gymnast says:

Hi idk if you'll answer this but can you please please please please make a video about Jennifer's Body thank you

Shannon Adkins says:

Babadook scared me just saying

Fat Boi says:

The ZUCC doesn't help, as expected

Lmao Anna says:

Kobe is a real one

Galen Daly-O'Donnell says:

You look like the dude from college humor.

Michele Marsh says:

This video deserves every view and more, because I’ve watched this at least 100 times and “get this dead bitch off my friends list” kills me every time 😂

Jaselyn Newbold says:

Her friends are dying! But wait! She’s losing friends on Facebook! Screws irl friends her reputation!

Cool boi 3D EPIC gamer says:

Laura is very weird

NICC says:

Plot: Facebook wouldnt allow these photos and videos

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