Friday the 13th (movie series review)

Friday the 13th (movie series review)

Friday the 13th (movie series review)
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DrDK144 says:

For those of you who watch Death Battle, I have an idea for a new episode: Jason Voorhees vs Michael Meyers. If you haven't sent that suggestion to Wiz and Boomstick yet, do so now.

Sherm Hart says:

Part V the best one, you want a chocolate bar?

TheZipperDragon says:

I think it would've been funny if Kane Hodder was the cornier, so he'd still be jason.

TheZipperDragon says:

Friday 4 was meant to be the last movie of the jason saga, & & meant to replace him with Cory Feldmen, hence why 5 was so…Yeah, but the ending didn't go over well. Also, Friday 2 could've been like how they planned Halloween, where the series was meant to be an anthology, but in both cases, people wanted their super killer back.

christopher krause says:

Jason asked 4 directions to her house lol he knew her name as well…stupid shit

K Priestley says:

Parts 1 to 5

Rudeboy Butts says:

"I guess he just hates all people." LMAO

ledzeppelin711 says:

Lol James, I know Jason is supposed to be a crazy killer, but shit, she had a knife, Jason ain't takin no chances lol.

Reaper The Indoraptor says:

Welp, I am defiantly going to be in Yellowstone on Friday the 13th.

wangson says:

My favourite Friday…man! it's hard to say now…they're all so unwatchable for me at 43…when I was younger i suppose I would have suggested that the best ones were part 3, part 4 and part 6…

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