Free Fire (2017) Movie Review

Free Fire (2017) Movie Review

Free Fire (2017) Movie Review

When two criminal groups come together in an abandoned warehouse for an arms deal, some decisions by certain people result in a bloody gunfight that turns the warehouse into a battleground for survival!



Fred Fat says:

so disappointed in this – hes gone downhill with this and hi-rise

MrRamone420 says:

I actually just rented this film today. That's a shame to hear that it wasn't up to par with his other work. High Rise was great to watch. Awesome review, Mate

Miss Angela says:

I was lucky enough to attend a screener of this with Ben Wheatley ! Also met and had a chat with him after and photos and he signed my field in England poster and DVD Hahahah. I enjoyed this it was a change and fun. Field in England is still my the best of his work. Great review once again.

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