Found Footage 3D (2017) Horror Movie Review

Found Footage 3D (2017) Horror Movie Review

Found Footage 3D (2017) Movie Review

A film crew arrive at a secluded cabin with the intention of making the first 3D Found Footage Horror movie. With excitement at a high and eager to start, the crew dont get off to the best of starts, as creative control causes the group to bicker amongst themselves. Unfortunately, for all involved, the evil entity that exists within the movie may have just escaped into reality, turning the movie into a real life horror experience!



Red Pill Redneck says:

I always come to your channel to get ideas for obscure movies to watch. Thanks for giving me the idea for this one. Spoilers below for those reading.

I personally wouldn't say 1-1/2 stars, but I do agree it's not the greatest. It was average to me.

I'm just biased, though. I love the found footage genre. Even though a lot of them are cheesy, the home footage style of shooting makes it more realistic to me as opposed to Michael Bays slow-mo and explosions. It's like when your brain sees millions of dollars of CGI effects on a subconscious level, it knows it's not real so I can't get into it as much. Hard to explain.

SPOILERS: One thing that I did like was towards the end, in the kitchen when they were trying to kiss and make up, I did not see the hammer part coming. I rarely get surprised in movies anymore so maybe that's why I liked it.

J z says:

Also I recently watched at true story called "jungle" with Daniel Radcliffe, it's not a perfect film but not bad, I think it's your type of film to review,

J z says:

Hahha your editing at the end cracked me up, I see why you do everything in one take haha, jokes …but keep up the good work , when is your next shock to the past ?

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