Fireworks – Movie Review

Fireworks – Movie Review

Intro Music by Vincent Siciliano.


Chris Stuckmann reviews Fireworks, starring Suzu Hirose, Masaki Suda, Mamoru Miyano. Directed by Akiyuki Shimbô, Nobuyuki Takeuchi.



David Sung says:

Thank you for saving my time, Chris! Was planning to watch this but now….yeah… lol

Eric J. says:

You gave me a heart attack, Chris. You made me think this shit show was directed by my boi Shinkai. Thank god it was not.

DefinitelyNotaPervert says:

Chris, please review the following:

– Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (2012 adaptation)
– Afro Samurai
– Michiko to Hatchin
– Samurai Champloo
– Puella Magi Madoka Magica + Rebellion
– Berserk (1997 adaptation)
– Made in Abyss
– Steins;Gate
– Baccano!
– One-Punch Man
– Gurren Lagann
– Kill la Kill
– Little Witch Academia
– My Hero Academia

Michael Coffey says:

Love your anime spotlights so many Western audiences know nothing about how well these can be, and the sheer amount of stories that are done within the genre. Thanks Chris.

Ian Scott says:

Love the new intro!

MegaSpideyman says:

You said that about the teacher's breasts size twice. Not necessary.

MegaSpideyman says:

What's so bad about her being ideal?

My Life As A Human says:

lol that anime reviews title opening was getting dusty

sixnow25 says:

Neo Tokyo is the worse thing I've ever seen.

Rony Tar says:

why dont you review more Makoto Shinkai movies 5 cm per sec , garden of words , children who search lost voices….

Troy Simmons says:

I was wondering why you were reviewing this so late after release, and then discovered that although Australia got it in October of last year, America didn't until now. Weird for us to get a movie so much earlier.

Also, Hella gorgeous looking movie for a boring ass plot, sad to see

Jeremy Reviews Entertainment says:

I'm seeing this tomorrow. This review has made me both more weary and more interested.

Aseril says:

It’s not a misunderstood gem?

Z Berm says:

Please review My Hero Academia

Bruce Wayne says:

Hello Chris. Check out Code Geass. Wonderful anime

malcolm adderley says:

Have u tried Gatorade plus and red bull?

Fiaz Rahman says:

I love this guy!

Fongtastic93 says:

Review Little Witch Academia please. 😊

Sid says:

Please do a one punch man review! That intro made me very eager!

N Panganiban says:

Uchiage Hanabi

Jake Bamboo says:

Chris you should review the wrestler

alfa indomart says:

Hey man, if you wanna complain about the seemingly old dialog and jokes then you should research just a little bit about the movie. I think it's worth mentioning.

This anime is actually adapted from 1993's tv series called fireworks by Shunji Iwai. He isn't involved in this anime though as far as i know. I haven't watch this anime or the original drama but i suggest try his works like love letter, hana and alice series, lily chou chou. They are surprisingly good.

CybershamanX says:

I can't figure out what your t-shirt is depicting. :/ I know it's from the T-Rex escaping scene from Jurassic Park, but the dinosaur in question seems to be absent. Am I missing something? :/

Ken1093 says:

I haven't watch it. thanks for the review thought

Beastly 27 says:

Please review The Endless

Riris Putra says:

Chris i really want to know your thoughts on Akira 1988.

MrAdonis258 says:

Review Maquia anime movie. Heard a lot of good stuff. 100% RT rating.

MrAdonis258 says:

I feel like only 20% of the entirety of anime series and movies in existence that is watchable. The rest is downright awful, like unbelievably horrible. And I like anime.

Saul Moses says:

Review attack on titan

35shadowthehedgehog says:

This might sound really strange but what if this is what the guy is seeking? The director of Your Name? What if he wanted to release a bad film to tarnish his reputation?

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