Fifty Shades Freed – Movie Review

Fifty Shades Freed – Movie Review

The epic Fifty Shades trilogy comes to an end! How will this Twilight fan fiction monstrosity wrap up? Here’s my review of FIFTY SHADES FREED!

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Casper The Ghost says:

it's over, yay now it's time to party. perfect time to dance on it's grave XD

Sicelo Ntsele says:

you're the best bro…..!!!!! "I'm gonna revenge fuck you instead" LOL!!!!

charlese wright says:

The Fountain starring Hugh Jackman

Abraham Munzar says:

The Dog Sh*t Trilogy

victor 2012 says:

I could've sworn they released five these.

tyskenfan says:

You all realize that there will always come a franchise that is similar as Fifty Shades or Twilight and replace them, right?

Anthony Hill says:

Have not seen any of the 50 shades movies and don't plan on it, his reaction is hilarious though lmao

Elora Maxwell says:

I could watch that intro on repeat forever.

Cytros Games says:

Caja de películas manda perra!!!

Aaron Ventura says:

50 Shades of Sexual Herasment.

Adam Tatti says:

Marmaduke, to this day, remains my worst movie of all time. I was 7 when I saw it, and I wanted to leave. I shudder in fear every time I think about it.

Salty Mc salt salt says:

You can just tell Jeremy was having the best time of his life in the beginning

eaglerabbit89 says:

you should have rated it dogshit cubed hahaha

Cairo Williams says:

The Lumberjack Man NANSJJSJSJSJJS is y’all have ever seen that oh my GWADD

Frei Train says:

Fifty Shades Of Dogshit (2015)

Fifty Shades Shittier (2017)

Fifty Shades Flushed (2018)

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