In this video we let Josh tell us in detail about mainly the Candide Thovex series and the Prodigy series. Since this is the longest video I ever made check out this list showing at what time we show what ski:

00:40 Explaining the four different segments of skis
02:22 CT 1.0
04:15 CT 2.0
06:10 CT 2.0 YTH
07:25 CT 3.0
09:04 CT 4.0
10:40 PRODIGY 1.0
12:58 PRODIGY 2.0
14:00 PRODIGY 3.0
15:22 PRODIGY 4.0

Music: http://www.bensound.com/



James Colborn says:

show the faction prodigy 2019 2.0

DeadlyAlcohol says:

Nice video like always ,thx man!

Enzo Victorio says:

all these skis are the same !!

dronalpes says:

Please the prime series

Corey Reeds says:

Can I flex it?

GoTime says:

Nice! The contest he was talking about at 5:20 was the B&E Invitational. It was awesome

Charlie Koehler says:

I'm looking into the CT 2.0's how heavy are they and how do they ski?

Martin Sattler says:

I need this Skateboard! Do you know when it's available?

Anton KS says:

Veeery pretty designwork by Faction. The black and yellow ct 2.0 might be, in my opinion, the best looking ski out there.

Emmanuel Balascak says:

Yo, I am a really good skier but only on hard pack, should I go for a ski meant for a beginner or an intermediate/advanced ski. I want a ski for freeride/freestyle

John Tavenner says:

Pretty nice looking line up Faction. How 'bout the Dictator series?

Fabien Jammes says:

Candide 3.0 sounds so cool !

nik03333 says:

would be sick to see atomic

Sandro says:

Do you know when the skis/skateboards are available?

Jeremy Baziw says:

Loving these reviews man keep it up

Evgeny Kuchkov says:

I think I'be bought the wrong ski. I was looking for pow/park skis and picked candide 3.0 192 (my height is 182). They feel extremely long for me since it was my first day in park I've been falling a lot and scratched them a lot as well. For now I can do basic stuff like jumps and 180 and trying to practice 320. I know I've picked the wrong skis for my level cause it's better to learn basics riding something cheaper 🙂

Can anyone advice if it's worth trying to do stuff in park with 192 or I should find something shorter?

Ferry says:

Any suggestion for a guy who wants to start his first jumps and tricks and learn how to ski switch? Which ski/brand would be the right one for me? And not too expenive if its possible..

66 66666 says:

völkl skis

Ryan Everts says:

Do armada or atomic

Tom Pitts says:

i can bend my LINE TC's almost 90 degrees both ways… that is the softest ski out there for sure.

Will Perry says:

Can you look at the new armada tracer skis

Filippo Benetti says:

can you going to look at the atomic will be so nice 😉

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