Evil MadMan Clarence Ray Allen

Evil MadMan Clarence Ray Allen

Evil MadMan Clarence Ray Allen
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White Rhino says:

Love the enthusiasm, but dude cannot tell a story for shit!

Cool girl 123 says:

Thanks Ranil great story.

Debra O'Connor says:

Evil and horrendous.

Dealer Mom says:

nope, he's not my type, even though I always find psychos! Lmfao! I just want to say that I do watch ñ like, and in sorry I haven't messaged,but there's more time to watch when I don't writhe but just watch! but it's long time ago I've said HI to one of my favourite youtuber and I like how you've frown and I told you,that you'll get big! just wait,you'll get huge! awesomely creepy as always! xoxo DM
PS, have you some idea what to watch on the Web of creepy movies from 2016/17 or new ones that are coming? I know I need to see the grudge, but I got dossapointed with conjuring so… ! HUGS 😉

ZhaWin GutierrezFAM says:

I understand the story but what's up with the comments about dating this creep!?

Blood, Guts, and Social Commentary says:

"Does this look like a man you would want to date?"
looks at wedding ring nope I'm good
"Well I certainly hope not!"
Well I'm glad we agree!
stops screaming at TV

99fruitbat says:

Anyone else get an ad …Greek guy playing some really good guitar music ? Watched it all in the hope of helping Creepynews with ad revenue… I'm a Hero !?

marrie k says:

evil f k hope he is burning in hell??R.i.P. to this innocent soul Mary xx

Zackary Blake says:

another great video!

Bruh DMJ says:

I love how you start your videos! ??

Dotty Rex says:

my old law teacher was the first officer on the scene of the murders and ive been in that store its scary af

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

What a mugshot!

kellyjaneko69 says:

yaaaay ranil !

irene gronewald says:

crazy ass hog wart


I lived in Fresno for a year and a half. It was a crime ridden hell hole

Laura Metheny says:

Thanks Ranil. Never heard of this before.?

molten terror says:

(swipes left)

Rishi Singh says:

unbeliveable fool

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