Eighth Grade – Movie Review

Eighth Grade – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Eighth Grade, starring Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson, Jake Ryan. Directed by Bo Burnham.




great video as always chris!!! cant wait to see and review it myself!!

paul norris says:

You are an empath.  You obviously feel the pain of others.  That is not common.  I do too.

Glenn Highlights says:

You seriously reviewed The Equalizer 2 but not Blindspotting.

Austin D says:

Where's that Christopher Robin review at Stuckmann

Brianna Lee says:

Even more excited to see the movie now! Eighth grade was the worst, I was an introvert that year so the movie will probably be relatable.

Garza Mc Flarza says:

I really want to see this if I can. When are you going to upload your review for The Meg?

LemmegetthatREVIEW 4 says:

A pretentious movie made for a bunch of fags who can relate to being retarded fags

Hoodie says:

I really don’t know if you’re waiting to do a review on Sorry to bother you or if you’re not doing one

Orion6699 says:

The changling was pretty good… always liked that scene with the wheelchair in the hallway…. very creepy!

Dylan Kho Liang Ee says:

Who killed captain Alex review!

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