EDGAR ALLAN POE’S LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER ( 2016 Vernon Wells ) Horror Movie Review

EDGAR ALLAN POE’S LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER ( 2016 Vernon Wells ) Horror Movie Review

A castaway awakes on a beach with wounded forehead and sees a woman leaving the place. He takes his satchel and follows her. While climbing a cliff, he falls and faints. He wakes up with amnesia in a lighthouse and the keeper Walsh explains that they are isolated in a remote peninsula where nobody can leave. The only means of transportation to San Francisco is a ferry that will arrive two weeks later. Last but not the least, he warns that he shall always keep a light burning during the night. He goes to the woods in the morning and meets the woman again. He learns that her name is Nora and they fall in love with each other. When he returns to the lighthouse, Nora explains that Walsh is crazy and she cannot go there. During the night, the young man blows out the candle and sees spectral creatures. What are the secrets of Walsh, Nora and the lighthouse?

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The Kirk says:

Did this movie remind anyone of The Terror (1963)? I don't mind the similarities since I really enjoyed that film. However, I realize this is based on EAP work.

Blu-ray Benn says:

Hey Leo, great review, I love Edgar Allen Poe, I have read all his short stories.
This def interests me, but sad to hear all its flaws, especially the weak acting and the poor special effects. At least the plot sounds interesting.
Thanks for reviewing it, take care.

buckaroobanzai says:

Have always been a fan of the Edgar Allan Poe peninsula body of work 😉 An interesting one & again perhaps one to look out for on The Horror Channel.
Always good to hear the name Vernon Wells pop up in your vocabulary as well Greek Leg Of Lamb. Perhaps The Lighthouse Keeper can shine the way for him to still give us a throwback hard hitting Action movie from the big man favourite for some of us GLOD Squad followers 🙂
Good stuff.

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