Dragonlance books

Dragonlance books

In this episode I talk about the Dragonlance series of books.



Garrett Gonzales says:

Picked up the first book of the series today. Found it at a second hand book store for $2. Definitely hope it takes me into more books and other fantasy novels. What other series do you recommend?

HPCthulhu2011 says:

Some of the books while reading them sound like adventures where as other books are more like amazing novels. In a novel when something happens it contains information that has importance in later parts of the book; there is a growing relationship. On the other hand, in an adventure there are twists and turns along the way towards an eventual end however the story is of no consequence since it involves mostly secondary characters and places.

BronzeBullBalls says:

I started reading the Villains series first back in high school… Emperor of Ansalon and the Black Wing are still in my mind.
Hederick the Theocrat is also a gem. For me personally, it was refreshing reading stories from another perspective as opposed to your typical D&D good guys n' gals cast of central characters. While anti-heroes are pretty common in today's culture, I think that Dragonlance was a bit innovative by devoting entire books to bad guy life stories.

Onemorevictim says:

I love reading the old weathered books…gives it character

Hey Yea says:

Great review. I totally agree. It was so funny. I was maybe 12 years old and picked up the second book in the Swordsheath Scroll, the Dwarven Trilogy. That got me hooked. Had no idea that was the second book. So I had to back track, read all three and realize, "wait! There is a bigger story???" Blew my mind! Thanks for the review, totally agree with you! Chronicles, then Legends, then the rest. Such a great bunch of books, such a great bunch of writers!

Troll says:

I love your passion for the series I am glad you enjoyed it I started reading it whilst in prison and before I knew it 3years was up all thanks to fantasy books …..

Dovahninja says:

I really want to get into these books, First one I ever read was The Black Wing back in high school and I fell in love with it. (Khisanth is bae).

amaxamon says:

I've only read the first trilogy. I'm more of a FR fan. But interesting.

CastelDawn says:

good stuff, good stuff

Anvity333 says:

Dragonlance books are great! I always liked them more than the Forgotten Realms overall. I like that they have entire novels devoted to the mythology and specific legends. My only issue with the series is the way it is organized. Having a Heros I and Heros II series is confusing for a lot of people.

Playongo says:

So nostalgic. I loved the Dragonlance novels when I was in jr. high. I only read the original 3 you showed, and the twins trilogy that you showed. I haven't read fantasy in a really long time but back then I got into Piers Anthony, especially the Xanth and Incarnations of Immortality series', Dune, The Book of the New Sun, a lot of that stuff. I started reading a little David Eddings but I only stuck through a few books. Great memories. Do you have any other favorites of that era?

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