Disney/Pixar’s Coco Movie Review

Disney/Pixar’s Coco Movie Review

This week we went to see Disney/Pixar’s new movie Coco! Here’s what we thought about it. Warning: there are spoilers in this video but we warn you before we do! _________________________________________________________________

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zeroelus says:

Like others have said, alebrijes are not related to día de los muertos (quite literally they started out as a fever dream by an artist) but xolo dogs where, and the idea of strange animal combinations has been in the roots of Mexican culture for a while, like the feathered serpent Aztec god Quetzalcóatl (who’s head makes an appearance as a prop in Frida’s workshop when she meets Miguel).

And in día de los muertos the point of the offerings is to have food, drink and objects the deceased liked during their time here, so that scene where the man takes a bottle and puts it in a basket to take it back with him is spot on.

Río Obsidiana says:

The spirit animals were based on the "Alebrijes", a traditional handcraft from Mexico.

Río Obsidiana says:

The music in the video sounds higher than your voices and I couldn't enjoy your review. Bad.

ChaoticButterfly says:

Alebrijes are not actually spirit guides to the afterlife. Xolo dogs, like Dante, are actually believed to be.

víctor mgr says:

It is curious that the song "Remind me" is sung three times in the film, once from the height of fame, again from the author and a third time by Miguel and by the person for whom it was made.

Each of the three sometimes it had a different meaninggg =))

Sofía Castro says:

The animals are a thing, they are called alebrijes and they are magical creatures, they are combinations of different animals, even in Mexico City in an specific street in which there is an exhibition of alebrijes and they’re beautiful, it is part of our culture

fp bg says:

I volunteer as tribute to be your hector! Great movie in all aspects i must say… BTW – don't be surprised if next halloween there's a lot of COCO inspired costumes, i was thinking of pulling a Miguel costume myself

ProfesorFeliz says:

Remember me! ???Hello from México.

Mario Ochoa says:

Hello, girls. I am mexican living in Mexico and I loved the movie. Here in Mexico, the movie was a great success and many people liked it.
Pixar did an incredible job capturing the essence of mexican culture. Everything is there: traditional music, food, customs, family, people, alebrijes, etc. But they knew very well how to capture some of the most important festivities in the country: The Day of the Dead.
I live in the north of Mexico and, although the Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout the country, not in all places it is celebrated the same way. If you really want to experience the Day of the Dead like in the movie "Coco" you have to visit the state of Michoacán, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Chiapas or Mexico City. You will love it.
You are welcome to Mexico. Despite the bad times we are going through with earthquakes and violence because of drugs, it is a great country, there are many good people, and thanks to "Coco" i hope more people are interested in knowing more about our culture.
By the way, I'm a bit away from where you are, but if you need an Hector, it would be an honor for me.
Great video, girls, I send you a hug.
PS. Coco = Socorro. Socorro is a popular mexican name.

Marissa Harrington-Verb says:

Syndrome from The Incredibles murdered several superheroes offscreen! De la Cruz is, however, the first Pixar villain to murder someone onscreen. That part was shocking to me (not in a bad way, I loved the movie; it just got really dark all of a sudden).

SuedePuma says:

Those spirit guides are called alebrijes and they are very mich apart of mexican culture

dexfer lugho says:

Hi girls! Is nice to hear u say that.
Wonderful words for a wordweful movie and awesome culture.
I’m a alebrije creator , and that’s what they are a combination of animal and colors . Expressing life and fun in every piece of them .
greetings and hugs from México.
U girls r awesome!

Carlos Espitia says:

I saw with my mom and I cried 🙁

Jay.P 7878 says:

You both are kinda hot.

kailee lenae says:

I loved it and the music

naruaztec says:

This movie and up are the ones I will own on blue ray. I personally hate the frozen short film. Don’t like frozen

jon Moreno says:

Lovely review guys, coco is the abbreviation of Socorro, a
Very common name in women of small towns in Mexico. This extended metaphor naming the move after her is precisely making sense with how family values and love connected in the family, being coco the daughter of hector and mama Imelda and being the being the bond that would connect the ancestors and the new generation through music, it makes sense why the movie was named after her. Here in Mexico the movie was a huge hit, the number one movie in box score and attendance of all times in this country. Greetings girls, luv from Mexico

alfredo Cruz says:

i love this movie so much…from my heart…i love you video guys…im available too…but im the la cruz…im cruz…lol…but anyways love you guys….


Those animals in the movie are ALEBRIJES.

Iván Rodríguez says:

I'm Mexican.
I can be your Hector ?????

Daygo Murakami says:

Girls, I loved your video. I am Brazilian and I live in Mexico for 2 years. I am completely in love with mexican culture and Pixar was so respectful with this beautiful culture. The animals calls Alebrijes (you can google it), they are always like this, a mix of different animals, very colorful. And the banners calls "papel picado" (shredded paper) and it's a mexican tradition, mainly in the independence day and dia de muertos.

Blanca Tobon says:

The papel picado, the banners you are referring to?, it is not a pix idea, ? we have it for real.. I always liked it, one of my favorite decorations at parties.. it tells the story, doesn't it?

GEARS 1984 says:

The spirit animals (Alebrijes) were conceived by a Mexican artist in the 30's when he had a vision of them in a dream and they were a mix of animals that were vibrantly colored. He made a series of drawings and sculptures of them soon after.

AndyAndy says:

As a mexicano girl, it's really pretty to listen people from usa who loved the movie, it makes me feel like "aww they finally understand what is día de muertos, and how much important is to us" (sorry for my bad english, I'm just pranctice).

jedimarco says:

I love to be your Hector awwwwwwwwwwwwww

Jorge Emilio Martínez says:

So far I've seen the movie 4 times!. Here in Mexico the movie has succeded and the banners which are in the beginning are called papel picado and you put them on the altar on "Día de Muertos" :)!

Rodrigo Perusquia says:

Great review!

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