Disney Dust #74 – Coco (& Olaf’s Frozen Adventure) movie review

Disney Dust #74 – Coco  (& Olaf’s Frozen Adventure) movie review

DisneyDwayne talks about Pixar’s Coco and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (with spoilers).

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Badidea Bearcub says:

Those are not loopholes. Spoilers Firstly, the only ones that knew Héctor in life were Imelda and Coco, the rest of the living relatives never met him or saw him, none of them were even born. And even the dead relatives were all younger than Imelda. Also, in the scene when Imelda sings a capella, when she tells Miguel that she was also persuing a career in music, there is the possible implication that she was also stranged from her family. Second, Imelda considers forgiving Hector, only after Miguel tells her that Hector was returning home and giving up his career, and Imelda believes Miguel because she trusts him. This depiction of the afterlife differs from some religions that share the idea that everything would be revealed to us when we die. Is not the case here. But, they know what they learn when they visit us. Also, like in some religions, that state that what you forgive in life is forgiven in the after life, and what you don't, won't, that rule applied there, but somehow Miguel was the catalyst to change that.

gerardoortega1983 says:

The guitar was hectors. Thats why it had that gold tooth. They never show 'live'hector in color so i would assume he had it while he was alive.

bingboyify says:

I watched Coco twice and have similar feelings about the loopholes you talked about. It seems she did not forgive him at the first after he revealed he was murdered. But then she forgave him eventually maybe?? But anyways these are just little things. I think this movie has a really wonderful concept and was done pretty well. I would give it 8/10 as well. but it seems less entertaining than the best Pixar movies like Toy story. I feel the plot is a bit too simple and too linear, there aren't many characters really involving in this story so the plot just moves forward too quickly. I wish they had more sub-storylines besides the main story with the other family members to make the story a bit more complex.

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