Den of Thieves – Movie Review

Den of Thieves – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Den of Thieves, starring Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Brian van Holt, 50 Cent. Directed by Christian Gudegast.



gj1492 says:

Did anyone notice the shot at "Chedder Bobs" character in the beginning they tell him to be careful with the safety lol. I appreciated that. And like Chris said it was actually watchable

Jorge Wagstaff says:

So… watching this movie is like watching The Force Awakens when you can get the same movie but better by watching A New Hope

michael phelps says:

I dont know about heat but this is awsome except for the ending can someone explain the ending of den of theives

Matthew Flach says:

well i havent seen heat so i thought this movie was great lol

Sinister Dark Soul says:

Society of "Bounty Hunters"?

That's what your shirt says, right?

Also, great review! XD

Alec McGrath says:

Can you review "A Walk Among The Tombstones"!? I'm surprised you haven't yet. And I'm pasting this comment on all of your new videos until you do, or acknowledge me. LOL!

Andrew Smith says:

Heat is a ripp off from L.A. take down!

A B says:

Worked for me, surprisingly so, given the last Gerard Butler movie I saw was Geostorm and that suuuuucked. And the last time I tried to watch Heat I fell asleep, this one had me entertained. And the twist ending? It honestly saved what felt like a pointless ending. I don't want to spoil things, but up to the twist I was wondering what the point was. Just saying, this movie was significantly more effective/better than it had rights to be. The scene in the stripper's apartment totally had me on edge!

Victoria Bert says:

HEAT was in 1995… it's not a big deal that a movie steals from an older movie …a movie that is loved…and not for nothing, while it was an amazing film, it's not like HEAT was the most original plot in the first place.

Brandon Almond says:

I gave it a B. Think the switch up at the end was better than expected. Personally, it reminded me of "Unusual Suspects".

Also, i don't remember "Heat" so i don't apply that knock to the movie. I think the Heat knock-off conflicted you alot but i'ma go watch it and see where you're coming from. Love the channel by the way.

Hunter Nixon says:

Awesome movie!!

The Kalos Trainer says:

A synth score eh? Which reminds me, Chris you should review Devilman Crybaby!

Ferbilgerbil says:

There's this kid I know who played one of the kids on the playground

Apple of Idunn says:

Review Tangerine (2014)

Mark Carnochan says:

I'm going to a preview screening of this movie later this month (I'm from the UK) and I've never seen Heat so I don't know whether to watch it before seeing Den of Thieves, or not, now?

Mip Mup says:

So its a ripoff of a ripoff lol

Ciaran Mullin says:

Wasn't Heat a scene by scene remake of LA Take-down?

Ashley says:

I'll take your word for it Chris. As long as it's entertaining I'll make up my mind about the beat for beat copy of Heat.

Marcelo Ramirez says:

I grew up with clones

Jalen Johnson says:

He’s daughter and his wife was fine asf

Luke Ziemer says:

alexa, Can you kill me?

Frankie Bruan says:

Trying to ripoff a movie that features both De Niro and Pacino, I'll just watch Heat again.

Christian Stöber says:

A movie that completely rips of another, better movie and is competently made but kind of useless in the end. … Does this review replace the old Force Awakens-review? 😉

commandZee says:

Please do a side by side comparison.

mikejunior211 says:

Not F yet in January…

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