DEEP BLUE SEA 2 ( 2018 Danielle Savre ) Killer Shark Action Movie Review

DEEP BLUE SEA 2 ( 2018 Danielle Savre ) Killer Shark Action Movie Review

A brilliant billionaire named Carl Durant is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon rebel to cause havoc for a group of scientists.

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Red Eclipse Films says:

I think the reason studio do this direct to dvd sequels just cause years later their first installment can't make dvd sales anymore so they trick you into buying a "sequel" when really it's the same movie just lower budget just so they can continue making dvd sales on the original movies name.

Red Eclipse Films says:

It's A Sequel in name only

Paris Lynn says:

I love great shark movies. I actually loved deep blue sea. It was different and didn't involved teens having sex in the ocean and being destroyed by giant sharks. I think the sequel will be ok

Horrifyingly Hillarious says:

I love the first one and was really disappointed that it basically was a cheaper version of the first one, what really makes me extra sad is that when they first considered doing a sequel back in 2008 the plot was actually about weaponizing bull sharks and fitting them with various cybernetic enhancements

TheWickerBoy says:

I wasn't a big fan of the first one so when I heard a bout this being I knew it wasn't going good. I think it would of worked better as a stand alone movie and not calling it a sequel.

PunjabHero says:

Sharks and cheese – what's not to like?

taydestiny38 says:

Do not see this garbage…it is not good!! They should have just let the original be the classic that it is.

Grumpy Andrew's Horror House says:

A minute in and my heart sinks. Having watched the trailer I was dreading that this was going to essentially be a remake. Well done for trying to address the film on its own credentials but with the effects looking worse than the original if there's nothing new being offered by the script then this has plummeted way down my 'to watch' list.

Todd All Things Horror says:

Shoot forgot about this one. You've basically summed up how I think I'll think of it

Cougar Rain says:

I'm gonna give this watch when it drops , thanks 🦈


Ooh when is this out, even though I thought the trailer looked like a carbon copy of the original am still quite interested in giving this a watch.

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