Death Wish – Movie Review

Death Wish – Movie Review

A remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson classic, this one stars Bruce Willis on a vigilante justice spree. Here’s my review of DEATH WISH!

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n300zx931 says:

Great movie. Delivered on what I came for.

Radost Blagoeva says:


Sean Baugh says:

Didn't they already remake this movie in 2007? And gender swapped the main character. I think it had Jodie Foster and was called the Brave One. A triumph for feminism showing that a woman was equally capable of brutality and murder for the sake of revenge….just like a man. Go girl power…..Get the fuck out of here!!!!
Those that are oppressed, when they come to power only wish to oppress others to make them feel what they felt.

YouYouYou!!! says:

Talk about the Oscars

Tyler Hussin says:

Guns are a good thing. Its that simple. And AR15's are good. Whattaya think about that?

coveyssteve says:

Well, my wife and I went to see it this afternoon,and while I'll admit I was predisposed to be positive, the facts are that this was a darned fine movie,

Without giving anything away, I'll say that there are twists and turns in the plot that you do not anticipate; it is not simply a duplicate of the '74 movie. But believe me, that's good. It's a suspenseful movie, which the first one was really not. And they have-thank goodness- reduced and changed the graphic violence against the wife and daughter. The opening scene in the original was pretty appalling.

In any case, it gets a five star rating from me and the wife as well. And I note that at my local upscale suburban movie theater which posts votes on movies, 89% of those who saw it and voted were positive and would recommend it. Considering that state legislative officials elected from this district are all liberals, that says a good deal, I think.

The gun-haters are adding their own political bias to their reviews. Go see it. It's an excellent movie.

CalebMabry94 says:

“It’s not better than the Thomas Jane Punisher”

Thank you for appreciating that movie, even if it’s in the slightest degree.

Kingsta2000 says:

This garbage movie Death Wish just like American Sniper is a wet dream, for the NRA and alt right trump supporting sheep no doubt.

Yukiko Sanada says:

for a guy who lost his family bruce's character sure as hell doesn't bring anything that shows he's hurting he only his usual sarcastic self fuck 16 blocks is a much better serious bruce willis movie.

Demonfireangel says:

Instead of watching "Death Wish," watch "Death Note" (the anime, not the film).

Colt Royster says:

I don't why this movie gets so much hate. I love this movie! I had a good time with it! Some movies need to be just fun and taking seriously.

Lil smokey says:

One thing is for certain this movie definitely triggered the liberals. In which whom gave it a 15% rotten (with an 85% audience like.) Then you look at all of the reviewers and they are all writing for far left sites like huffpo, NYT,etc. Then every single one mentions the words 'gun nut' 'macho fantasy' 'gun violence.' Buahaha, these are the same ones giving Black Panther a 100% (because it's apparently being used as a social movement?) and the crappy Ghost Busters remake an 80% because woo feminism. Jesus so blatantly obvious how they are allowing political leanings to influence their reviews..

Kaiju no Kami says:

Jeremy, they already did delay the movie from a shooting as it was supposed to come out when the Vegas shooting happened. If they delayed it every time a shooting happen, the movie would never get released. 🙂

What I find funny about your comment as to how this movie does nothing new is how I was first introduced to this movie. I forgot what we were seeing in theaters but the first trailer showed was that Jackie Chan movie where his daughter is killed and he goes after Pierce Brosnan in revenge for her death. The last movie trailer shown was this movie. Could it get any more generic?

T512X says:

Huh, you've seen this premise a zillion times?

You've eaten pizza a zillion times but you know damn well you're gonna have it next week. When it's good, it's good.

Frank S says:

I have to say, I love your line, "This movie is just another vigilante movie when a family member has been killed, and it is the remake of the movie in which all those movies are based from." That's deep!!!!!!!

Smile JEM says:

Can you do Call me by your name

Star Wars Wookiee says:

Please do I, Tonya 🙂

BrickFilmerPower says:

I enjoyed this movie, however it wasn't necissarily good.

Ahmet Kurum says:

I just heard of this movie.

87_Michael says:


Wylie Coyote says:

Bad movies don't kill people, bad scripts do.

Wylie Coyote says:

3.43 minute review time tells me it's a pass.

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