Death of a Nation movie review

Death of a Nation movie review



Preston Stroope says:

i thought it was better made than hillary's america

Blood & Tears says:

Mike I am 100% sure you are eating something that is messing up your skin

KQ American Woman says:


walt7500 says:

Communist only option: black mail themselves out of their disaster!

sheehan1able says:

Alt right = left wing socialist.

Alan Fox says:

Did you see it? What did you think?

Robert St. Estephe says:

The way elite neo-Marxists get away with the "murder all the white folks" stuff is by defining "white" as "white gentiles," in order to leave out Jewish persons from the genocidal aim. Therefore Ican, Bloomberg, Soros, Zukerberg are all AOK in the formula. They are not part of the scapegoat group.

Damien Pol says:

I'm not sure that Dinesh's films move the needle.

русский says:

European "Far-Right" are left wing by American standards. Hating Jews has always been a left wing problem. Just look at the British Labour Party.

Samuel Jones says:

You cannot be RIGHT-WING & be a CUCK
We Do Not BOW TO / SACRIFICE our Women to Any POLITICIAN GOD or KING – Not Muhammad, Not Hitler, Not Stalin
It is Ex KkK / Alt RIght Left that is indulged in Cuckism of the Left where they Strip their Women to be ravaged by Spencer & Co

Samuel Jones says:

The LEFT Always PROJECTS their own Nature on to their Political Opponents like True MENTALS
The Left Spreads poverty with the FINANCIAL SCAM of Socialism.
The Alt Right Left is the Cuckist Movement – which gives their White Women to Spencer to "Regulate" in his Bed (For the Race)

Samuel Jones says:

American RIGHT-WING'S Policies flow from Old European Traditions like PRIMA NOCTA
Imagine giving your WHITE Wife's First Wedding Night to Spencer & Alt Right Gang Members – "For the Race" 😀
This is the SCAM of the Ex KKK / Alt Right Left – they are simple Democratic Party Socialist Saboteurs – TeamB where A is Antifa

Samuel Jones says:

In NAZI Germany
No WHITE could Question Hitler & Live Well in Nazi Germany – Hitler controlled EVERYTHING
If Hitler's Gang wanted to Rape your Child – you had to TAKE IT UP THE AS – This is why Right-Wing Does not BOW TO Politicians

Samuel Jones says:

We cannot help the WHITE Race by letting our Women get "Regulated" in Spencer's Bed – "For the Race"
These people want an Isolated (when you scream, no Non-White should come) WHITE Race – for this gang to RAPE Whites

Samuel Jones says:

SPENCER & his Ex KKK / Alt Right LEFTISTS are Saboteurs – Everything they do benefits the Democratic Party
This is NOT a Coincidence. This is what these Saboteurs are about
No Right-Winger BOWS & WORSHIPS a Politician God or King – We are NOT Cucks who get our women "Regulated" by Parties

ironborn says:

This movie is literally "The left are the real racists :-(((" – so pathetic. This is why the alt-lite will be RAPED in the coming meme-war 2020.

Donna McClure says:

Thank you Mike for your kind and honest review! Saw it tonight and really appreciated the history and the work Dinesh put into informing our country! Yes, Debbie was great!


is he part cat? 😦 dafuq is he swiping at his face for? 😦

Gary A Lindley says:

Don’t know History? It’s imperative to know or you have no idea where we came from. Or why things are as they are.

Dutch0524 says:

The leftists will never understand because they aren't open-minded enough to admit fallibility in their life-long mindset.

Freedom2Noise Media says:

I disagree with Dinesh D'Souza for giving IMO a PSYOP Charlatan like Richard Spencer a platform. If he is exposed and buried than I suppose it was worth it.
The Charlottesville "PSYOP-Agitprop-Propaganda Exposed" >

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