Death Of A Nation Movie By Dinesh D’Souza: Movie Review!

Death Of A Nation Movie By Dinesh D’Souza: Movie Review!

Big blessings! I got to see a early screening of the movie. Here’s my thoughts!

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Steven Cournoyer says:

Once I realize the Liberals wrote history books I started to question it.

John Smith says:

Every gender? So, men AND women? And please, leave the health advice to those with 8+ years of schooling in the field.

Canadian Girl says:

The globalist want all our countries to fail, so then they can make their New World Order and get their One World Government. Trudeau was just as much of the plan as Obama and Hillary and had she won, Junior and Hillary would have finished off our countries. All of the world would have flooded here to distablize our countries and make them fail. Just look at Europe, look at what Merkel has unleashed onto Europe. She is the woman in Trump's "Women and the snake" poem. And I am starting to think that the Trojan Horse reference was for Europe and Canada. Look at Trudeau and the MSM hiding the terrorists attacks up here – The US can not have Canada becoming an islamic threat, but that's what Trudeau is allowing plus he's bringing in hundreds of the White Helmets. – PAY ATTENTION TO CANADA!!!!!!!! WE ALL HAVE TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!

tancheeken says:

Why is it whenever somebody speaks for the right, it always follow up with "I am not agreeing 100%". Stop apologising to the left. The left is wrong. That's that.

Chaille Smith says:

Actually rather you go too far right or too far left you still get a dictator. IE Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers Mussolini Hitler Mao! Noko

Chaille Smith says:

Not only did not see literally stand for National Socialist worker party of Germany. Joseph Gerber's at his Nuremberg Trial and meds Woodrow Wilson was a basis for the propaganda. FDR praise both Hitler and Mussolini on their social programs. The man who ran the Nazi Eugenics program was featured in the June 1932 edition of American Birth Control Review" , in which he admits he based on her Eugenics program.

imamia mia says:

DemocRATS doesn't believe in history.They know these are facts so they are in denial and just want to destroy the truth such as statues

Canadian Girl says:

The Left has focused on the flaws of our history, Christianity, our countries, just to get the people to turn against on all of it. We must focus on the positive of everything and show what is GOOD about our countries, our history and Christianity. Which is what Trump wants people to do too.

Chaille Smith says:

DemoKKKrats claim NRA founded KKK. Funny since KKK founded in 1867ish, but NRA not until 1877 too stop DemoKKKrats from terrorizing Black.

imamia mia says:

Definitely will see it👍

Canadian Girl says:

Socialism sucks, trust me I know. Just look at what Trudeau is doing to Canada. His radical communist Liberal government is trying to do as much damage to Canada in 4 years, that Obama did in 8. And he's not even hiding it. The Marxist NDP (New DemocRAT Party) is worse then the Liberals and I would compare Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez to the NDP. The Liberal and the NDP up here are just two heads on the same snake!!! Just look what they have done to Alberta, debt is rising and Calgary was a booming city, but not any more. When we had Conservative Ralph Klein running Alberta, he had this Province DEBT FREE. Rachel Notley and her NDP Socialist far leftest party will be gone next may and Conservative Jason Kenny will be elected. As for Trudeau, that traitor is a good example of a Dictator wannabe. Pay attention to Canada and what Trudeau is doing and then run away and don't do it too!!

Joey Sanchez says:

Preach bro.  Preach.  = )

C Reinicke says:

As a right leaning person I liked your point about too far right could bring anarchy.. great point. As a Christian I see mankind all being sinners and greed ruling our nature.. so for me being a Christian puts God above our nature.. ( don't know much about other world religions, but at first glance they work to control our selfish human nature's also). Socialism seems to not have any moral core.. so.. human greedy nature rules in socialism.. IMO.

nesNYC says:

Thanks An0maly!

Gilbert Lozano says:

Thank you again, For your insight 🇺🇸💕🙏👍🏻!!!!

Elke says:

Sold out in Santa Cruz last night. So I am going to go to San Jose, CA this weekend. Can't wait!

frankstrawnation says:

Anarchism is the way.

Gilbert Lozano says:

Great Show! And Great Rant! 💕🇺🇸🙏 I just subscribed to you !!!!!💖🇺🇸🎉🙏

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