Death Note Netflix Movie Review – Kinda Funny Morning Show 09.01.17

Death Note Netflix Movie Review – Kinda Funny Morning Show 09.01.17

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Henry Smith says:

Tim the lover of bad movies

Evan Matel says:

No one has mentioned those wierd Heroes and AHS easter eggs

Robie_Roberts says:

Earth, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto (yes Pluto dammit), Uranus, Neptune

Ryan Walker says:

In no way was the Netflix movie better than the Japanese movie. Even with bad acting, the Japanese movies told the story and portrayed the characters properly!

ConjuringFire says:

Goon is excellent, definitely worth the time 😀

Kenneth Koepnick says:

The Netflix movie got me to watch the anime. I liked them both.

ro t says:

this movie takes a L but not the one your thinking

Panzer GS says:

It's just too much; Death Note movie is pretty good and FF6 best in the franchise. It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

calvin0630 says:

I couldn't stand how much of an American action movie cliche the death note movie was.

OMMR says:

What is next weeks required viewing?

Alex Paq says:

If you think this Netflix piece of garbage is better than the first two Japanese movies (last two movies are indeed bad), I don't know what to say… The Netflix movie is not bad only because it gets rid of everything that made the manga/anime awesome, but also because it is just a generic boring poorly acted movie on its own term.

Chris Kim says:

If they were going to deviate so heavily from the source material, why even bother with an adaptation. I get that they want to make it "U.S. friendly", but it just became another teen angst movie with a death note.

kidfoxking says:

The death note Netflix movie is a rated R abc family original movie. No thanks!

Michael Herd says:

I hope they do make a sequel to the Death Note film.. But for the love of fuck, replace the writers. They ruined any potential the film had. The script broke its own established rules and turned the Death Note into a boundless cheat device. Watari's death rendered the conflict with L meaningless, because if Light can kill Watari by simply writing, "Watari," then he can kill L by writing the letter. And the ending.. Light could have burned the page with his name on it himself. He was the one sent to retrieve the book. Instead, he somehow uses the Death Note to take control of an inanimate object and make the page float into a fire. So now he has a Death Note with a bunch of rules written in it for seemingly no reason, because nothing actually applied.

The acting and directing showed promise. Hell, even Mia's character showed potential. I would have loved if Mia actually just killed Light off for his Death Note. That would have been a cool twist. Instead we have a story that cripples itself and destroys any illusion of a cohesive world.

Sean Thompson says:

I thought Death Note, the movie, was pretty damn good ^.~

OMMR says:

I think the horrible screaming in the class room is why people turned it off

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