Deadpool 2 | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Deadpool 2 | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds. The movie is directed by David Leitch.

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Madhurjya Tamuli says:

behenji.. review tere se nahi hogi re…

Braj roy says:

Like you said …I checked your last deadpool review.. that was hilarious! This review is good but not better than the last !!! . ….. You too did a Deadpool!! 😂😂

MuLtAnI DaMaN says:

Aur ise kehte hai aukat si bahr review karna …… tu race 3 da hi review kar ..🙏🏽

nbatman1 says:

Sach mein race 3 ka Review ki karo bas ..! 🤣😂😂

Ushnik Ghosh says:

This isn't a part of MCU behenji

akshay adsul says:

She don't know the comic characters…..she don't like superhero movies(expect the krrish trilogy) as she said in her earlier review… if a heavy comic book referenced character is introduced…..she wouldn't have understood the rest of the film after that…..she kept talking about the girl's armpit for like 50 seconds (probably an affection for armpit hairs)….. A genuine proper review you cannot expect from her…….if you like superhero movies…..and ofcourse dp is not a part of MCU….he is the property of the fox studios

Ayush Thakur says:

1st Half Is Okay but The Second Half Is Awesome😂😂😂
Best mid Credit Scene

ReehatKitchen says:

Amazing no so review 😉😉😆

Yash Gupta says:

I have been noticing your love for DP1 since its release and now after DP2 your love has increased to new heights !!!

aniket maheshwari says:

I was the only one in theater who understood that basic instinct joke! And also that james bond intro yaaar. Kaafi amazing..

Chris Redfield says:

This is how you critique a movie and review it when comparing it with the outstanding first part…by giving it credit for what it is in the first place but also highlighting the negative points compared to the original and putting forward your opinion at the same time. I would rather prefer Sucharita's reviews any day than the "other pseudo-intellectual reviewers" of this channel who needlessly dissect a fun movie for some hidden message or something, and forget the whole purpose of the movie in the process…to let the viewer have a good time!!

Dungeon Master says:

Just to let you know deadpool is not in MCU. Atleast not now.

Ash HB says:

Behen tu Race 3 ke review karne ke liye hi layak hai….. lol

Rishabh Maheshwari says:

Hope Aur Hum review?

Shubham Singh says:

I am your superfan sucharita!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ambika Prasad Dash says:

Hindi wale me maza nahi ayaa

cutiyee pie says:

Give Some Credit to the man Who Created the thumbnail.😂😂😂

Ruturaj Vaidya says:

बेहेन तू रेस 3 का ही रिव्ह्यू करने लायक हैं। hahahahahahha that was epic. I am big fan of one line punch (mostly on self) you use in each n every video 😘

Dixie Desai says:

Do u have any idea how much I love u Suchu?

TheLuck1985 says:

Wonder if she will equally appreciate male actors with armpit hairs..Pseudo-Feminism .

Kawshik Baral says:

"big cgi fight coming" was funny and the midcredit scenes were awesome

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