Deadpool 2 | Movie Review

Deadpool 2 | Movie Review

CP covers the sequel to the surprise darling of 2016: Deadpool 2.

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C Jones says:

you are making a very bold statement by saying that is better than Infinity War. This movie better live up to expectations with an assertion like that.

zc3d says:


Romina Talpos says:

Thank you for this video! :*

Daniel Hammond says:

Good review man, makes me more excited to see this now.

Tedd Ivan Descardes says:

how was cable and domino

Mark Colvin Jr. says:

Nice review. I thought it was on par with the first one but Cable was my least favorite character. I loved all of the META humor. DP2 is indeed a Family movie lol. The MID CREDIT scene was the best! DP2 is more fun than BP and Infinity war. I would not say it is the Godfather 2 because I liked the original DP better. Nice review.

Young Peshi says:

I'll watch this with a IW ticket. I'm sick of Fox the same way this reviewer is with the MCU.

Cody Leach says:

Hell yes! Ill be there day one.

A Touch Of Film says:

Great review CP! I've been looking forward to this for so long! I'm not rushing to see any superhero movies other than this. I've not even seen the new Avengers movie yet

exgeeinteractive says:

Solid review! Keep it up man!

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