Day of The Diesels Movie Review

Day of The Diesels Movie Review


Cgxxdgamer and Sonic The Ice Cream 0609 says:

3:16 Bell knows you’re ranting on her, she even shuts her eyes.


this is slightly more bearable than Shed 17, but really not by much.

Team Small7 says:

I think that D199 or D261 would have been a good replacement for Deasel 10

Brer Fox says:

No offense but I like fiery Flynn over belle

Shadow Gaming says:

Here we have a squeaker complaining about a movie which his momma brought for him from the car boot sale

Torrin Breneman says:

No Diesel 10 is much worse than he was in calling all engines

Lucy's life in the baby alive world says:

I rate dotd 6/10

Enchanting Element says:

I like day of the diesels

USA ball says:

If they didnt add dissel 10 then the timeline wouldnt make sence, since dissel 10 would just be a nuetral character, not being friends with steam engines or dissels, that would probaly make him the origanol dissel 10 since he wont be surrounded by other dissels who he has to rule over, without those dissels, dissel 10 would have probaly have had all the time in the world to come up with his plans

USA ball says:

But i like paxton =(

USA ball says:

I think they only added dissel 10 to the movie for merchendize, you know how rare dissel 10 is?, as soon as he is on shelves kids instantly buy him

KnapfordFan23 says:

Hi William. If you could rewrite DOTD, what would you do? I’m working on a rewrite on my channel and I want to see what people would do with DOTD.

Ellis Field says:

I think that it would make more sense that if belle had a tender

FrankTheArlesdaleDiesel 06 says:

Love ur belle rant!

JLS TV says:

This could have been a sequel to Thomas & The Magic Railroad. Luckily I have ideas for one

Jeremy Gilliam says:


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